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"Alternative" Uses for Flavor Concentrates


Its happening…


Me too. Sugar Cookie smells great. The diffuser is not making any odd sounds or preparing to walk off the job, yet…


Yeah the butter rum smells great too! I think I might try some Buttered Naughty Girl stone next…
How many drops did you use?
I used 5 drops… it might be just a tiny bit on the light side…


Um, how may drops are in a ‘small squeeze’? I think about 10.


Nice. I think 10(ish) should be perfect. Omfg this is gonna be my new favorite thing! Lol



The reason I hope Catalan Cream works is also because I got 16 ounces of it on sale (quarter a freakin’ ounce, how could I not?) So I have plenty to diffuse…


I’ll have to try that too… Ooh so many choices!! :grinning:


And omg… I would have too!!


Yeah there was a reseller going out of business and I got in at their ‘final closeout’. Everything they had was either 25 or 50 cents an ounce. I doubled my stash in a damn big hurry that day,


Wow, thats fuckin awesome!


Got 4 ounces of your FA Butter for a dollar. I mean, really now. When does that ever happen?


Omg… Nope, that doesn’t happen!! I’m kinda a little jealous…


Until you start flavoring booze, that is. :grin::grin:


Waaay ahead of you there. :wink: I used to always buy flavored absolut vodka, but a couple drops of flavoring (FA raspberry (berryl) is amazing) in my cup and I’ve got the same damn thing with whatever vodka I want! Ok so maybe that’s my favorite thing… :smirk:


My wife manages a pretty good size bar and restaurant and gets invited by the liquor distributors to samplings etc. (Get drunk for free + while they try to sell stuff) They are pushing flavorings pretty hard. She came home with a bunch of sample bottles and recipes. Its the same stuff we use.


Sounds super fun and super dangerous! :joy:


Not for her because she’s been at it for a long time, but some of the people, absolutely. They have all the bases covered, transportation, rooms etc. A lot of bartenders and restaurants have their “secret” drink recipes.


Ohhhh Congratulations :tada: It looks like you have done a serious work! Well done. Hope they like it as much as you do :grinning: Tell us how they like it, when that time comes!


I’m seriously impressed with the diffuser thing. The only downside would be for folks who dislike the smell of the vape cabinet. It’s that times 10.