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One of the sayings from a chemist I worked with is:

There is an application for every application… I do not think there was anything of doubt, only that the agent on hand was inquiring information to make sure your application of their application was suited to the “tailored” needs of the use of the product.

I do know this company, and for a very long time not much was public ready to vape. Good to see strides forthcoming. :slight_smile:


Some vapers cannot tolerate any PG. One vendor classifies his “no PG” line as:
" natural flavor extracts are water-soluble flavors crafted from natural ethyl alcohol and natural flavors " .This statement may mean that the extract is 100% PG free as I read it.
Purchasing 90% VG flavors would not interest me unless the flavor was super super concentrated, 0.2% typical usage would be ok.
3ml or 5 mls flavor containers would be preferred by me.
Hope this helps.


Yes we do have non PG based flavors and can make flavors non PG and we don’t use Ethyl alcohol,


to make the new line more attractive most flavor brands have a line of pg flavors and one of vg flavors. If not separated in to sections, i would state that under each on the flavor page. no one wants to have to hunt to find out.


@amovapeteam Please clear things up. You posted the link quoted above in post #11 in this thread. The link goes to a 404 error on your site.

Looking back thru this thread you make mention of NATURAL FLAVORS. So are the only flavors available for the free samples the ones that are listed with the word natural in there name.

Folks here in this thread have posted that they have sent you a private message via the ELR website and I have done the same but so far at least I have not received an answer from you.

A good link to the flavors available to choose from or at least a clarification from you if any Water Soluble or only the ones with Natural in there name.


Exactly and why I posted what I did above. The more I read along in this thread the more confused I become when looking at there web site.


Thank you to all that sent your request and thoughts,
sample should arrive in about a week. Please remember you are getting the regular size bottles ( 2oz/60ml) and the half once (.5) will be available to purchase soon, Yes that’s right i sent 60ml :slight_smile: so that give you plenty to test with. We appreciate all of you all.


Thank you very much @amovapeteam.


thx, we appreciate it.


My samples are on the way…SWEET!


Thank you we love it


Big thanks, Terence!


Ok just so every one in this thread gets the answer to the question I quoted above this is a screen shot of his answer by PM


expecting 15 or so mls, i went bold w/ Natural Bacon but now knowing they are 60ml samples, i kinda regret that! At least i know it’s kosher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Will you be offering shipping to the U.K.? I’d definitely be interested in any PG free options. I’d be happy to pay postage for some samples if that’s possible??


Look what showed up on my doorstep today :slight_smile:
Thank you Amoretti :wink:


Also by the way two are VG based and two are PG based.