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You Missing 1??


Yep but im not complaining …these are big samples :slight_smile:


I’m interested to see what flavours you all picked. I requested fruit flavours. I requested Mango, Watermelon, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb and black currant.


I believe ill be getting Cheesecake “plain”, Passion Fruit and Burnt Sugar.

I was denied Cherimoya, Cooked Custard and Caramel due to not having a VG option, but he came up with some options for me, and hopefully will be tossing in a mystery VG flavor of his choice.


Terence has been great! He helped me out and found me the black currant!


hoping mine will get here soon


I got some different stuff, milk chocolate, vanilla Madagascar bourbon, toasted coconut, praline hazelnut. They only shipped 4 out of the five I requested not sure why. The fifth was supposed to be toasted marshmallow.
Anyone else get theirs yet?


Lol I will have to wait for my cousin to drive it up to Ontario when he’s back from his winter retreat!


sorry the toasted marshmallow was out of stock and should arrive Tuesday
I’ll try to give you a heads up next time


Thanks again:)


So a question for all of you who are getting free samples. I think we should start a new thread with taste tests of the samples and some new recipes using their products…seeing how they were so nice to give us this gift.
The milk chocolate is very good … Just made a smores clone :slight_smile: The shake and vape is pretty good i think it needs a bit of steeping to smooth everything out.


Excellent idea to share testing notes but thread does exist Amoretti Flavorings


10-4 i didn’t see that

  1. Orange Zest Extract
  2. Natural Blood Orange Extract
  3. Peach Extract
  4. Natural Graham Cracker Extract
  5. Natural Pecan Extract

yeah me too


No one has gotten any samples yet other than me ? I live in CA so I’m close to them???


Im in Wa state so probably tmrw …


im in ga.… still not received anything…

was wondering how was it shipped fedex, ups, usps ?? sent a pm to @amovapeteam 2 days ago asking if he had any idea of when I should be looking out for these . haven’t received a response back yet


Nothing in Florida yet.


still anxious in Arkansas


If anyone says sleepless in seattle i’m gunna scream (oh damn i said it arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh) :grin: