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Ok mixed up my testers and thankfully i checked the ingredients 2 were PG based , 2 were VG based and 1 was Alcohol based . I would recommend checking so when you enter these flaves into your stash you can change the base… Also @Sprkslfly would you PLEASE fix the key lime i tried to enter it like this Key Lime ( amoretti ) but the default is key Lime ( amoretti ) and the K in key being lower case is driving me nuts , i didnt choose it , it chose that way for me bc it was already set i guess


When I can man… I’m (as of today) “cellphone internet” only ATM, and will be for an unknown duration.


Ok brother ty , we use to be able to put it in and choose from the drop down or save our own way , is that over ??? The fact it was lower case k and then the L in Lime was upper really bothered me lol , i know the little shit right lmao appreciate your help


After letting her sit all night, i do believe it may be mislabeled. The flakes seemed to be present thru out but now most have floated to the top. It is a shame tho since smells and tasted pretty good but now i have a drink additive at least.


No way ever


Well that about sums THAT up !!!



Well thats a bummer lmao , hey one more question … When your products carrier ( base ) is VG , PG or alcohol is that the only carrier for the flavor in that particular bottle ? Is a mix if Vg and PG or what ??? Does that male sense ?


Yes and still waiting on that fact. While it doesnt concern me i know it does many sensitive to pg or alcohol.


i can check for you,
which one are in question


we don’t mix carriers and the new line while be more specific, also if you received any with alcohol as a carrier please let me know, i will have them send you a replacement, also for any one having issue with the Marshmallow, Let me know so we can send replace with the Toasted Marshmallow


I have 2 that dont specify that they contain either pg or vg where the other 3 do. Natural w.s. flavors of Blueberry 1262 and butterscotch 1280. I also dont like the way the Butterscotch “flakes” have settled to the top overnight so i am assuming it is an oil soluble and mislabeled as w.s… Not to sound ungrateful but checking into that would be helpful to others


Thank you @amovapeteam. Although the Marshmallow smells ridiculously good, it is rather thick, even after a hot water bath, and I am on board with the Toasted Marshmallow.


@amovapeteam What i have to do, to get sample pack?


Besides what appears to be separation overnight, the butterscotch is ridiculously thick too, thought i cracked my pipette. They are accommodating me w/ a replacement even tho they believe it is supposed to be oily? Ill compare the 2 when they arrive


@The_Marvelous_Mrs_Ma I’m not sure how much longer this special event is running, but you can always private message amovapeteam.


I dont mind the alcohol content unless its absurdly high , but FYI it was the key lime … I use alcohol based extracts what is your concern with the alcohol ? So if your label say VG than its only VG right ??? Its not a 50vg 50 pg ??? Oh please dont say anything negative about the key lime it smells crazy good even after mixing it excites me …


I didn’t see this until Saturday, PM’d amovapeteam on Sunday, and didn’t hear a thing ! I PM’d him this afternoon, and was informed it’s already on it’s way ! They’re awesome.
@The_Marvelous_Mrs_Ma, Check out their web site, find flavors that interest you, and give them a PM. Couldn’t hurt.


Yes they seem eager and ready to make the vaping community a bigger part of their business which excites me … If they vape like they smell or even close ill be a customer


Omg i couldnt wait so i tried the key lime which i mixed a 3pct only a small amount all i can say is MMMMMM VERY PROMISING :wink::+1:

Note: old cotton and coil lol


@amovapeteam Message sent… I’ll give them a go and post reviews on some different unique flavors, I’d like to test.

Thanks again Amoretti! :+1: