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Amoretti Home User Line


Wait a minute @Cutlass92 I think you got MY box, … :stuck_out_tongue:


I just opened my package today so only cracked one as a sniff. I quickly read the labeling and haven’t checked the site for more info tho i like how its on the labels. Most look good and fluent except the Butterscotch, should i be concerned it looks like a bottle of flake paint? As for the Bacon, i gather that’s how dark a bacon extract should be :laughing:


Nope, it’s all mine!!!



I’ve got a beer with your name on it!


And, as it happens, I have a drinking problem !!!


Came home to a great surprise , ill be busy tonight ty @amovapeteam

These smell amazing @amovapeteam do your product contain DAAP ??? Btw i do not mind


Look at the label on the back should say Vg or Pg based …does that help ???


I’ll have to check. Having an issue with the Marshmallow, and although it smells beyond great OOTB, it seems to have coagulated in the bottle, and I cannot pull with a syringe. PM sent, awaiting a response. All others, mixed easily.


I got toasted marshmallow its ok


some are marked vg or pg but the others dont state so i asked @amovapeteam. I dont expect a response tonight as we all have lives outside of work.


OOTB ? I’m stoopid whats that


4 oz bottle NICE :slight_smile:


Ya the 4oz was surprise , crossing my fingers for the outcome


Looking at how milky your @SessionDrummer marshmallow and maraschino bing are. I’m not sure if I’d vape it?


WS is water soluable from my understanding … I lije the way that MM looks lol maybe it will be just like the jetpuff MM creme


Sorry @Rex6 my laziness takes over, “Out Of The Bottle”.


Great news @SessionDrummer YES! Very interested to see how the the different flavors are from everyones reviews.

@amovapeteam So nice of you to offer the chance to try some different flavors out. You guys have so many unique flavors to choose from and test. :scream:


Put a drop in water to see if its oily. There were a few samples from the 1st go’round that was labeled WS, but were not. If its oil based it’ll separate and float to the top.!


Mine arrived today. They slipped an oil soluble Passion Fruit in there, i got the WS version, too, though. And, got a duplicate of one i told him i got with a previous sample offering. Still happy, of course! Just seems weird. I have 4oz of Heavy Cream now! Cheesecake plain, Passion Fruit, and Burnt Sugar should be fun.

Everything smells great! Thanks, @amovapeteam! Awaiting the release of smaller bottle options and a simple list of your VG offerings!