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An ode to whiterose0818


WARNING: This will be lengthy, but a fucking good ass read. This is not a hype piece either. This is a true testament of what happens when you work with him. I said I was going to say a few words about the @Whiterose0818 mod and here are the words I came up with. There are some things in here we are going to talk about that need to be said about the whole experience of working with WR. I will discuss customer service, mod from conception to birth, why is this the mod for you, and my final thoughts. Credit is mainly due to Whiterose0818 for the mod, and @TheTinMan1 for pushing me to get this mod. It was totally worth the experience and thank you friend.

Customer service for the WR industry needs to be emulated throughout all companies worldwide. This man takes the time to go over every single detail of your mod. I will get more into details of that later. He talks to you like a person and has the patience of a saint. If you do not understand something, he will take the painstaking time and explain it to you. He gets to know how you vape what you used to vape and completely turn your vaping experience on its head. (In a very fucking good way!!!) He is a great person to talk to as well. He is very passionate about everything he touches, from dog hair, to mods, and to eliquids. This man is a fountain of knowledge as well. What I thought was going to be a 5 minute conversation turned into hours. It is a pleasure to talk to someone this passionate about customers and vaping in general. He inspired me to get off my butt and make labels for my juices. I just wanted to be a tiny bit more professional like him. He is someone who I want to emulate in the customer service industry.

So you want a one of a kind monster hitting mod? Well who the fuck doesn’t. First off know he ships worldwide (it may cost a bit more, but worth it!). So contact the man on Instagram, ELR, and Facebook. You will get a message from him that day usually. Now the true fun begins. Once you are locked into dialogue with him the conception part begins to blossom. A wealth of things go into the mods that you may not be aware of. Lets get into it, shall we. Have you looked into your mod that you are holding now (That is not a Whiterose one of a kind) and go, “Gee I want blue wires in this mod.” No the fuck you haven’t. Well now it is time to think about it. Customization is a thing he does well. What color do you want the casing, the fire button, the display board, FUCK MAN just build the fucking mod!!! Nope not his style. This is a one of a kind piece. Everything you see in the mod is completely customizable. So as I was saying, the sled, actuators, the casing itself, the 510 pin, wiring are all customizable. I know it is a lot to think about that you have never thought about in a mod. I love that aspect. I never have thought about the inside of a mod until now. Not even close to being done here. What type of casing do you want? What you mean I can pick what I want? Yes you can. The various styles are aluminum, wood, stabwood, etc. If you get the stab wood please allow for extra time as these have to be milled separately. All the casings are milled by his supplier by hand. They are truly works of art. Continuing with the conception part, do you want a design on the fucker? Fuck yeah, give it to me!!! That’s where you can get creative. Come up with something that you will love. Oh, What font do you want the writing to be? What do you mean? Exactly what font do you want this to be? Say you want some fancy writing on your mod, okay get what the font is exactly and send it to him. His engraver will do exactly what you want! (Allow for extra time, worth it for the customization of the mod.) He has an engraver, but is waiting to move to a bigger place to put it into his garage so he can do it himself. Oh I am not done yet, what type of chip do you want in it? Huh, what do you mean? Well there are different chip sets that can go into your mod. DNA, NLPWM, and some others are available. Also battery use can be customized as well. He can make the mod use Lipos, 18650, just about anything you can imagine. Price point, some mods can range from about $95.00 to $200.00. I know you are thinking that holy shit that is a lot of money. It is for some, but this will seriously be the last mod you will ever buy again. What you get for that price is a fucking steal. This is easily a $200.00 to $400.00 mod. Holy fuck balls that is a lot of information. Let me summarize this part for you:

Wires-What color do you want?
Board-What chip set do you want-NLPMW, DNA,etc.
Casing-Stabwood, wood, aluminum, etc.-also color.
Sled-What type of batteries do you want? Lipo, 18650,etc
Firing button-What color and type.
Display board-what color?
Actuators-What color and style?
Design-What do you want?
Writing on mod-What do you want and give him the exact style.
510 pin-What color and type.

Now we get to the birth of the mod. The thing is you have seen pictures now in just about every stage of your mod. You are sitting on your phone drooling and just waiting on your mod now. He sends you the tracking number and you are frantically looking for updates. WHERE THE FUCK IS IT MAN?!?!?!?!!? You begin to kick dogs out of the way to get the mailman or maillady to see if your mod has made it. He sends everything priority mail. The mod finally makes it to your door. You open the box and your baby is tightly wrapped up with care. You hold it in your hand and it is light as a feather. You start thinking that this will not be good, because all my other mods are monsters and weigh a fuck ton. That is where you are wrong my friend.

In the numerous discussions we had over the phone, Whiterose gave me a challenge with my NLPWM. He said take your favorite device, your favorite mod, and your favorite juice and do a comparison. You will notice a difference in flavor in your device. Yeah right, who the fuck are you to say that. I know what I am doing and have my set ways. Your device will not do that for me. Who in the fuck do you think you are, some sort of godsend in the vaping world??? Challenge accepted Mr. Whiterose!!! Hold on a minute……vape….vape…VAPE….VAPE!!! Well fuck me running (which is a feat in its own right.) The flavor I get is intense. Custards get a creamier feeling, fruits pop, candies explode, bakeries hit the mark, and NETS (OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!) are so much better. There are flavor notes I did not even realize were there in a lot of my liquids. At first I chose my go to device on the regular for flavor, the Griffin 25+, on my WISMEC R200S. Vaped it tasted good to me. Put it on the Whiterose mod, holy shit I fell in love. It hit every spot in my flavor zone. My second test was the WOTOFO Troll V2 22mm, another device I use on the regular. I hit it on the R200S it was great. Put it on the WR mod, it was a completely different vape, in the best way possible. I lost that challenge hands down, but became a winner in the same sense that this is the mod of mods. If you are a flavor chaser then this is the mod for you. There is something about this mod that stirs the molecules of flavor in such a way that it hits all the senses on your tongue. I am finally in vape nirvana.

So my final thoughts. Scrape the money together, buy a few less juices, break the piggy bank, and get you one of these mods. I recommend the NLPMW mods for sure. You will not regret that decision in the least. Whiterose is a pure pleasure to work with. He will take care of you from startup, to finish, and even after he is done he stands by his works of art 100%. Any issues call him and he will work with you. Once you have his device in your hands all your other devices will collect dust. Thank you again Whiterose for everything you have done for me. Your personal time, care, and passion for your work have inspired me. You truly take care of your customer from start to finish. I know this lengthy, but there are not enough words to say at this moment that truly captures what you have produced for me.

Very Humbly and Respectfully,


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Amen. And thanks for reminding me I need to send him a PM about getting one for me-self. :wink:


And this is what the world lacks, the love of the workmanship…

Big corporate company’s taking over and mass producing is great for cutlery but when you want something that is truly yours, something you can hold and say “This is a Whiterose Mod, there are others like it but this one is mine” that’s what Whiterose is bringing, the love, the dedication, the personalisation, it all adds to the end result, a piece of art that is truly unique…


While we’re here…

Patreon anyone??? Is this something that would help @Whiterose0818???


Build us all up, get us excited, then leave us unsatisfied like that?

Where are the pictures of your pride an joy. How are we supposed to drool in jealousy?

I have been wanting one for awhile, and every time I hear about 1 of his mods I get closer and closer!


Pull the trigger. It is time.


Edit: evidence is here



I know. I just wanted a say in this one. To let others know. We have our regulars there. New people to understand.


Gotcha…it read as to put it up here but i meant mystic could see the pics in that thread.


Ahh. I see said the blind man.


That was an excellent review brother. you have put into words what I have been trying to tell people about the man, his mods and having a vape orgasm. A vapgasm.


Like Skullblade said

“Pull the trigger. It is time”

I couldn’t agree more strongly. Do yourself a favor and pull the trigger. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


I still love my WR Custom… PULL THAT TRIGGER!! yup…


Reading your lengthy passage literally touched my heart, @Skullblade789. The way you bolstered on about me, filled me with pride and stroked my ego. Yes, I have ego, and it feeds my drive. I love what I do and I love other people enjoying the little things I create.
@Skullblade789, you very much exposed me. You basically called me out, and revealed my truest intention: to build amazing devices, customized completely, and to offer these at the best possible price…and, most of all, to stand behind my work completely.
I thank you, and all the rest of you for ever believing in me and continuing to do so!


Ohhhh, I know I wouldn’t regret it. But will my hubby talk to me within a week or 2? He stopped vaping about 7 months ago, so I can’t pass it off as buying us both a treat :wink:


Keep in mind that I don’t have mine yet, it’s “in progress”, but just knowing that you have a custom , one of a kind mod, made to your specifications, well, it’s hard to describe the feelings you have.
Even though I don’t have mine yet, I am still incredibly proud of it because I know what it WILL be.


Yes, I’ve got to get serious about a design. There are too many things I want on it, and don’t want it junky, so then I start looking at 2 designs…Damn…is my bipolar showing?

What’s really cool is that not only is each one custom and unique, but it also gives life to a piece of art that is a blending of 2 people’s likes and imaginations. It’s a bond that is unique. In some ways I believe Whiterose is not just a master of mods, but also a spiritual healer in a way. He participates and helps guide something intensely personal from every customer and helps them express themselves.


Just keep vaping in those 2 weeks.


hmmm…how could I get some funds out of my 401k and buy a fleet of them…I won’t be satisfied with just one.


I am not telling you to get the money at all friend.