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An ode to whiterose0818


Oh, I know. I wouldn’t do that (I think). But I will be ordering one once I’ve made up my mind on what I want (hence the need to have more than one). I’ve never gotten a tattoo because I know the minute it’s done, I’d wish I’d picked something different.


Oh yeah, almost forgot…nice freakin’ write up brother!


It took some time. It was everything I wanted to say, but could not quite get out appropriately when talking to him.


I just robbed my sons piggy bank so what’s your time table look like? Gotta hurry before he finds out it’s gone! ; )


You definetly will enjoy it my friend. It hits like a mac truck and flavor for days. I still have yet to put it down. My other mods just collect dust now. I have not touched a one.


If it wasn’t for your post I wouldn’t of had any idea such a person like whiterose does what he does. My hat is off to you my friend! Hell of a write-up on him. :+1: Now I got to get my name on his list. Any good tips would certainly help me out since the only thing I know what’s inside those is batteries. It would be nice if it had an LED screen like the one on the Aliens by SmokTech or one that’s similar to it. Thanks Skullblade


depends on what you order…if i have what you need in stock, i can probably get you finished within a week.
if you wanna take this to the next leverl, PM me and we’ll get this started!


Whiterose mods part 2:

What are you getting? You are getting a seriously powerful mod that does not give you bull shit features. If you want a mod with all the bullshit features then go buy you a fancy mod and be happy with it. IMHO they are cheap products that will not last you a lifetime. You will upgrade those left and right. This is something you will not upgrade for a very long time.
Simplicity at its finest. Let me tell you the things you need to know. The screen will be simple to look at. No bells and whistles there, no touch screen, no changing the screen color, and no puff counters. This is a straight forward mod. I guarantee it will blow the socks and tits off of anyone of your current mods. You do need to know Ohms Law. For those that hate math I have included a link. http://www.ohmslawcalculator.com/ohms-law-calculator
Here are the reasons to go with this mod. The casing can be customized to what you want it to look like. The stab wood enclosures are beautiful, but highly fragile. If you drop it, it could break. Not for the clumsy handed. The NLPWM chipset is very simple, but the flavor you get off of these is immense. I cannot stress this enough. It is unbelievable the flavor you get off of this device. This is definitely the mod for the flavor chaser. I notice the difference right away. It is straight up in your face flavor. The only thing I screw with is Volts up and down to get to my sweet spot. Flavor is subjective I know. I do know that this mod brings out different notes in mixtures. Why is that? The mod pulses and you can taste things different on a molecular level. I notice with NETS, I get an earthier pipe feel to the liquid. With Custards I get this mouth feel that cannot be described but as pure bliss. Bakeries, such as cheesecakes, get the same mouth feel. Fruits actually become brighter. Floral vapes give that essence of floral notes that is so sublime. My wife loves the floral vapes because it does not smell like cheesecake or food. A new flavor introduced to me was lemongrass. That flavor is just intense as can be. This is such a wonderful vape, on such a wonderful device.
Devices. I know that some devices perform differently on the NLPWM boards. I suggest very highly that you get into RBAs for this device. That is where this mod shines. You can build to your liking (within OHMS LAW of course). This is a builders dream. Once you get that sweet spot found on a build it is so sublime. TC is not the way to go here in my opinion. SS or Kanthal A1 are your better options. I love my Kanthal claptons, but am leaning towards SS in the very near future. If you are just looking for a device to chuck the biggest clouds you can and that is it, I do not recommend this to you. It will make devices chuck, do not get me wrong. It is a device with flavor in mind here. This is for all you fucking flavor nuts out there. This is not a device for first timers of vaping. This is advanced shit that will give you a good flavorful vape that does not need to be upgraded. This mod is for the vaper that is tired of buying mods and wants the one mod to rule them all. I have been vaping for five years and have tried everything from the WISMEC Releaux R200S, 200, DNA 200, eleaf 30W, 40W, Koopor Plus and Cloupor Mini Plus. Nothing in my humble opinion compares to the simplicity and flavorful vape I get off of this. This is not a fancy bells and whistle mod honestly. It is fucking simple and absolutely 1000% beautiful, flavorful vaping.

So in conclusion here are the final things you need to take away from this (and from previous post):
Wires-What color do you want?
Board-What chip set do you want-NLPMW and DNA.
Casing-Stabwood, wood, aluminum, etc.-also color.
Sled-What type of batteries do you want? Lipo, 18650,etc
Firing button-What color and type. Dial or straight forward push type.
Display board-what color?
Actuators-What color and style?
Design-What do you want?
Writing on mod-What do you want and give him the exact style.
510 pin-What color and type
Simplicity at its fucking finest.
No real bells and whistles to speak of.
Casing customizable in terms of picture and writing.
Depending on build, flavor for days !!!
Different flavor in different devices.
Honestly an RBA is an excellent choice on this device. (Stock will work, but honestly this is for the builder or custom coils.)
Rattle?-what fucking rattle. No rattle on these superbly built mods.

Again this is my humble opinions on things here. I have not used other mods since getting a Whiterose NLPWM mod. This goes with me everywhere I fucking go. Thank you again @Whiterose0818 for your time and patience with me and others when ordering and getting your mods. You are a true craftsman and provide excellent services to us. I wish you continued success in your future, wherever that takes you.

Very Respectfully,



So, I take it you like the mod?


Nope, not one fucking bit.



DAMN! Now I gotta get into RBAs. I’ve only toyed around with them so far. Using my mech. With a tsunami for testing recipes and flavor testers.
I’ve even gotta learn Ohm’s Law !?!
Nobody told me there was gonna be MATH involved :laughing:
HEY! Can I use pen springs as coils? :laughing:


Yours has a screen? :rolling_eyes:


Yes I am fancy.


Did you ever receive my pm? What did you do to Skullblade? You didn’t put legs on that custom job did ya!? LMAO ; )


Can you tell I’m a little excited?


Can’t believe I missed this thread being something I care about very much indeed…

To add to Skulls ‘Ode’ I will tell you this…

I have 2 Whiterose Mods now, both PWM, one batt one Lipo, if you have one already then you will already ‘know’…
But for those that don’t…if you vape…which you obv do…you are missing out on so much I cannot even begin to tell you.
My lipo was only ever intended for home use, it was too beautiful to take out of the house…or at least that was the intention…this thing comes with me everywhere for the simple reason that I cannot do without it, what these mods do for your flavour is phenomenal and from someone who has tried a LOT of mods there is nothing…NOTHING …on the market that comes even remotely close.
And like Skullblade quite rightly said…the guy is a legend…one of the best.

Just fucking get one.


Already did; and it’s ALMOST DONE !!!


I don’t have it yet, its fresh off the engraver, but …
Here it is !


excitin times man :wink: …excitin times.:ok_hand:


beautiful :heart_eyes: