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An ode to whiterose0818


Fuking epic! I love it.


So a review of this post. Hmmm. What to say about the author. The author is an orator of words. While saying something, he says nothing. One thing he got right was the use of Skull and Skullblade being right. I give this post 2 thumbs up because he agrees with the OP. :+1::+1:

Pugs I love you man!!!


I go it bro reading it now


all I can say is wow have to look further in to this thanks bro!


There are good cheaper mods out there. However you will replace those many times over I know. This mod has not left my side for an entire week. I used to use 4 mods a day. I only use one now.


Sounds like this one hell of a fucking mod


Understatement of the century.


It’s so true you buy cheap you get cheap you really do get what you pay for


I was like you. I got tired of buying mod after mod. I no longer worry about that. I am truly confident that you will enjoy it. Put your favorite flavor juice in your favorite tank and on your favorite mod. Then take a hit. Then put it on the WR mod and you will notice a big difference. Seriously. No hype just being real with you.


I can see you are really happy with this mod I will check it out thanks for your help!!!


This will be my next mod purchase. I just got a Dripbox 160 so I’m trying to pace myself. xD Unlike alot of you I don’t have a ton of mods, etc and if this is all I’ll ever need then I’m sold. What RDA would you say is best for it?


You can put pretty much anything on it and you will notice an improvement in flavor. I’ve used RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs on mine.

Goon LP

Aromizer Plus

Limitless Plus


Do you have a favorite or do you switch 'em out a lot? I kinda want a goon. :grinning:


My favorite is the Goon but it’s not very easy to drip at work with my hands all greasy. I reserve the dripping for my evening relaxation. I put a RTA or a RDTA on when I got to work.


I’m surprised you take your precious to work? :smirk:


lmaoo…love you too you bony butch bastard you :laughing::wink:


For the first couple of months I had it, it didn’t leave the house. Lol. It vapes too good to leaves precious at home.


You know…you should honestly try a 30mm Buddah Z on your lipo man…they’re not expensive and I use that way more than my goon :ok_hand:


Will do. Got one linked on your site?


Actually no not sure if gearbest do em, got mine from ebay uk, im sure youll get one there tho 🖒