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An ode to whiterose0818


30mm Buddah Z V3 🖒


I too have joined the @Whiterose0818 fanclub. Got mine about 3 weeks ago and couldn’t be more pleased. In fact, inspired me to try my hand at building my own devices.
So I started asking lots of questions. How does this thing work? Where would I even find the parts? Why not do it differently? Some questions I answered on my own, most of the rest I found in articles in the archives on here. The remaining ones @Whiterose0818 hisself graciously took time from his busy schedule to answer. Hell, he offered to send me parts! I must say that that kind of genuine caring is a rare thing indeed and shouldn’t go unacknowledged. So here it is…THANKS ROB, YOU ROCK!


Thanks, brother.
i try. I know a few get away from me, but my schedule is crazy and my note taking sucks, lol.
thanks for the props


I just want to add something, a personal experience, to the WhiteRose saga.
First thing I want to say is, a few weeks ago I, through my own stupidity, fried a battery sled to one of my WR mods. I contacted WR himself to ask how to go about replacing the battery sled ( which wires to solder where ) and he wouldn’t tell me. Instead he told me to send the mod back to him and he would repair it for me free of charge. Which he did.
A couple weeks after that I received a 41mm Titan RDTA by SteamCrave that I ordered in the mail. I tried it out and on the second fire, it shorted out. I contacted SteamCrave and 25 emails and 15 pictures later, they agreed that it was defective and sent me a new Deck , not a whole new unit mind you, just the deck.
While all that was going on, I ordered a new WR, the dual 20700 smartpwm that I posted a couple days ago. Well the 510 that Rob put on the mod, doesn’t like my Aromamizers attys. So I contacted him through email. He CALLED me to find out what was going on and if there was a quick fix. There wasn’t. So he told me to send it back to him and he’d replace the 510 with a different one that does like Aromamizers.
Now … compare those 3 stories. On 2 occasions, WR took full responsibility for the mods he sold me and repaired them at NO cost to me. Even though it wasn’t his fault or defective parts within the build.
SteamCrave however, (a huge company) I had to convince them that their product was defective and only then did they reluctantly decide to send me a new part.
To me, this says A LOT about the integrity of WhiteRose mods, and the integrity of Rob personally.
Thank you Rob. I personally really appreciate all the help you’ve given me and I’m sure to a lot of others as well.


@Saxonn You really added some good stuff, to this already great thread.

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