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An Ogre's Melo Review



Nice review, man!!! :smiley:


Awe Thanks! Love to hear myself stumble around with words, lol.


Very nicely done brother!


Me to you big cranky ogre you!


I surely wouldn’t be able to do it!!! I don’t even like pictures of myself! Kudos to you!!!


And thank you my friend. Truly appreciate that!!!


I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it!


I know that and neither would I. You’re ok even with your plunger challenges.


I cat help that I’m good at that motion.


good job !! well done i do like videos a lot


Thanks! Stirring the pot can be good as they say “any press is good press”, lol.


i honestly think it takes a lot of guts to ho in video , i would be editing the shit out of it ( if i knew how ) and it would never be completed


Lol, Ya, I just don’t take myself too seriously and good enough is just that. Get’s the point across.


Nice review Ogre.


Thank you sir. Glad you liked it!


Oh hi mr ogre!!! You really are not an ogre sheesh.

Very nice review, I enjoyed it, thank you :+1:


Thank you very much! Yes I am an Ogre. Don’t you dare tell anybody any different. Grrrr… Growl… See. Now, back to saying grace before I eat my neighbor.


lol ok ok I am sorry you Ogre. Ill pretend I didnt just see you, you mean ole Ogre


Thank you. I was getting all upset. Feeling like I needed to pet a pony, or find my coloring books, or something.