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An Ogre's Melo Review


Adult coloring books I hope!


Do they make those? Oh my.


Yes sir! They are quite a bit of fun! Just google it.


Wow! This ones hot!!! Now I have to hide this from my wife. Oh I don’t like this…


Just look at that will you! I can see you’ve got quite the eye for beauty!


GROOVY VAPE MUSIC! Love your reviews man. Awesome job!


Great job, you lovable Ogre, you! :tada:


Thank you! Glad you dig my sense of humor.


You worry me… But thanks for taking the time to watch it! Glad you liked it.


Sweet review, Ogre! I hope you keep doing more of them!


Thank you VapeyMama! I know I will do at least one more. I won an atty here and when they sent it out they asked to do a review. From there we will see what happens. It was funny with this device. It just showed up at the door one day. Had to check out the shipper to see who it was from. I hope they wanted a review, lol. Pretty sure that is what it was for.


Love it when that happens! Lol


Is it just my luck, or does anyone else’s browser crash when trying to watch one of ogre’s videos?

Is it something other than a YouTube video?
(Though the layout looks like it’s a YT video)
I know I can’t watch Vimeo videos either…

Just trying to figure out why I can watch all the other YT material here, and not his. /scratches head


I am bum! It is a standard mpeg4 uploaded to YT. It is @ 1920 x 1080. Poop! Too large to send you too.


I watched it last night and part of it again just now. No problems??? Strange.


Nice review bro. Now I know what The Ogre looks like. Seriously though keep it up​:+1:t2::+1:t2:


Very much appreciated my friend!


Great review…you covered every aspect of the product…very professional…and informative…keep the videos coming…Well done an nice job doing it


Wow! I’m truly honored. I’ve got a long way to go before I’m as smooth as a lot of the reviewers here but I am truly humbled by the responses I’m getting. Thank you!


Great review, some fuzziness in the sound but the information was spot on, cheers :+1: