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An Ogre's Melo Review


Thank you so much! Glad you brought that up. I wasn’t sure. I used on camera mics this time. I’ll go back to using a separate studio mic. Wanted to know what difference it would make and now I know!!!


sweet review brother :ok_hand: I’d say you were a natural in front of the camera man, I’d really like to see more of these you’re really good at it :wink:🖒


Oh lord, give me a minute to pick myself off the floor… Thank you!!! You do know that I tell people that I actually chat with Steampugs right? I know I at least have one more coming up from an atty I won. Careful what you ask for, lol.


oh give me a break :joy:

I envy people that do videos because I never could, takes balls to act relaxed in front of a camera and I have utmost respect for those that do it :ok_hand:


I’ll bet you could if you wanted to but your written reviews are classic onto themselves. It’s obvious you really have something to say about the products you review. That’s the key. Forget the friggin camera is even there and show and tell like a friend is sitting on the other side of the table. It’s a lot like playing in a band. Ya got work to do and it just so happens there’s a bunch of people watching you work.


well thats the key I guess, but I have my style now and it just wouldnt work on video, I’ve toyed with the idea before but it would appear that my stuff appeals to a different set of people that prefer written reviews, but the bigger numbers are all about video, keep up the good work brother something good could very well come of it :ok_hand:🖒 :wink:


Between you and I, I love your written reviews much more than any video. As far as “something good … come of it”, I’m where I want to be with the whole thing. I’m too damn old to start something new and no longer have the patience to deal with the tramadrama that comes with being popular. Plus, I’m pretty much occupied with “things” as much as I want to be. I’m enjoying doing maybe on a month at present. It’s fun to do and something to chat about.