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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


Hubby is jealous because he thinks that Aslan loves me more…

But here’s proof that he really just loves my blanket!


Billy Jack … but not furry.


I got a ticket (and a few phone numbers) for doing that in Daytona once.


Hi Alisa, I’d just be happy they aren’t great danes. lmao


what a cutie


I think I’ve got wifey talked into getting another cat. It was really rough for her mainly when she lost her Prema but we have worked through it. We want one of the following types.
My favorite is the Norwegian forest cat
second is the tonkinese

it’s pretty much tied with the Abyssinian

Wifey wants a Singapurra
the little one in front is th Singapurra and is full grown in the pic.
Or she’d be happy with an ocecat

I’d go for a Main Coon but wifey is afraid it would eat our Chihuahua’s


They are such beauties.

I worked at a cat show once as a favour to my old boss - getting to see all the different breeds was a-ma-zing!

Hope you are well GPC :grin:


Doing better, wifey is looking at being a whole lot better they want to do surgery on her back. We’ve talked to one of the best neurosurgeons in the area and he’s sure he can improve her quality of life by at least 75%. As soon as the insurance company quits stalling and get’s their finger out of their butts we’re ready for it.
Thanks for asking how you doin these days


That’s fantastic news! :smiley:

All is good in Lolly Land thank you :hugs:


My dog does this all the time and sneezes. He also just lays down and “dies” for attention. I taught him to die after a few murderous threats and a finger gun "BANG!"
It is his favorite trick. Although the old fart dies ever so slowly and with much drama these days. It has got to hurt his old bones to just throw himself on the ground anymore.

He will still roll over several times in the leaves if I give him the prompts. Even if he tries to get away with a 360° or 2 now and again. How he equates a 360° with a roll is beyond me…

I just roll with it and tell him to do some 360°s for me.


i haven’t taught Lilly how to roll over because she’s a white fluffy dog and I’ve got enough trouble keeping her feet and her muzzle clean. Our old dog was short haired and black so he was a good candidate for roll-overs. At least I couldn’t “see” the dirt on him.


That is all right. She can do some 360s instead.


Our little grandma Coco was diagnosed with a bad heart and breast cancer today. She’s 16 and has been the sweetest most loving little pup we could ever ask for. Because of her heart and age the Dr. can’t or won’t do surgery, he has concerns she probably wont make it through the surgery.

Here she is many years ago or it might be her daughter that looked just like her.



Just realized that’s Dolly Coco’s daughter she had the dark nose coco’s is light. I’ll have to get a pic or two of her and post


I am so sorry :cry:


Thanks so much, Coco has always been such a sweet little girl. if she hadn’t gotten so grey in the face you would swear she’s still a puppy the way she’s been acting the last few days. We love her so much.


Very sorry to hear that as well @GPC2012


That there looks like a dog that will put up with ABSOLUTELY ZERO BULLSHIT!


In the kitchen he’s a bit of a jerk, even though we’ve been good about not letting him have any human food. He’s just protecting his mama. The rest of the time he’s a loving, cuddly, bumbling oaf…but does a good job protecting the small humans and the house. He’s been a great addition to the family and we couldn’t be happier.


His name Rocky but that didn’t stick anyone remember the end of the tv show in the 80s. "Sit boo boo sit good dog."
So Boo Boo stuck😉