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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


My kid has a collection of found skulls, (outside), and that looks a hell of a lot like one of them.



That’s a fine child ya got there. Obviously artistic. I’ll send him some recipes! Oh, sorry, or her.


You dont know the half of of it or there would only be half of you!
She is a little ogre. Whatever doesnt kill us, makes us stronger? Lol


The feral cats follow her down the street. For scraps…


I knew it, I knew it! Another wonderful little ogre. Oh ya, you’ll be strong when you finish raising that one.:smiley:


Xanax just had a shit ton of babies! I’m totally gonna name one Tin Man if Xanax doesn’t eat them all…


That’s awesome! Looks like one of them spiked the punch!


Awwwww! Love it!


My Lilly is very upset her new friend Rosie is leaving camp tomorrow.


Damn you guys. I’m a cat guy (don’t ask why, have no clue), but you keep putting up these cute dog pics !!!


Get one. You know you want too!


Right now, the clan/farm is about at capacity. if I come home with one MORE animal, box mod, tank, or flavor, the wife is going to leave me (or change the locks, she’s not real clear on that).


How does Lilly know what’s going to happen tomorrow? :kissing_heart:


Obviously Rosie told Lilly the bad news…


Hey no fair lol


Rosie knew. She was eating grass and her mom and dad put their lawn chairs away.


Here is Rosie telling Lilly the bad news.WTF


Dogs always know , so do Cats but they don’t give a damn.


Trying to teach Kerry a new trick called make Daddy coffee.


Kerry is very handsome but don’t let them fool you , Cats know how to do everything! They are also smart enough to know it is less work to play stupid and it allows them to get away with everything!