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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


For fur babies, we currently have 3.

Mellie, a lab mix, rescue, 7 years old, absolute sweetheart.

Chewie, a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix, inherited, 8 years old, total pain in the butt.

Atticus, a pure bred Doberman from Sharjets NJ, 8 months old, clumsy puppy who hasn’t yet figured out how big he is or is going to be



The ears on the Doberman…priceless!


My best friend Rocky


Here is another shot of him from that same day…

This was during the Eagles/Seahawks game…the boys clearly couldn’t care less.


2 hairless cats

and 2 toy poodles i cant seem to find a pic of… they all get along great and the cats love to scare the dogs and pounce them lol


My sister has a hairless. Very strange. No hair and loves to baths.


My daughter is the hairless lover. With her asthma they are perfect


I love seeing photos of everyone’s pets!

I have had quite a few furry and non-furry pets but still have my 5 rescue cats, a dog, and a snake.
The pics are older but my cats and dog, and some other peoples pets can be seen here: https://bugadrienne.deviantart.com/gallery/46680023/pets
I need to get some updated pics of my older pets. Haha


I wanna see your toy poodles! Pic! Pic! Mine are 5 and 2



adorable. Mine are old lol 9 and 10 and they are not cooperating too well for picture time



Adorable! I like action photos like that one. While the dog isnt posing all regal like, it is so cute when they do that.
I will have to say that my dog is much easier to photograph than my cats. The cats want to be sniffing the camera and come too close. Most of what I get is noses without using extreme stealth.

The stay command works on the dog, but he is also 10, a big dog, and starting to get even more spoiled. He wants outside, but only for about 5 minutes max, then he is barking at the door. Then 5 minutes later he is asking to go out again, that old fart. Lol


Here is my dog Joe today. The old fart!


Oh so pretty, I love those eyes!!


You have a regular zoo there hehe. Adorable pics. Mr Grey, omg just precious


+We have a few 3 cats Tingle Jack and kymeria (The Deva)

THe the dogs Abbot and Costello there litter mates just great friends.Abbott is a ball dog and Costello is a soft mouth always has something in his mouth. Dad was a golden retriever and mom was a chocolate lab.Jack is there boss he run the show……The dog in the last pic was stachy he broke his back falling on the ice ,well you know the rest,great dog RIP.


Aww poor Stachy. Im sorry.

My dog is afraid of the cats. If one lies down with him he is stiff as a board and has the fear in his eyes.

Smokey, the oldest cat and uncle of all the other cats, laid down the law when he was “protecting” the kittens and Joe never forgot the lesson. :frowning:


Thanks for the compliments. Mr. Grey was the only one of the kittens I was able to rehome. He was the largest chunky kitten and so funny.
I had quite a few arthropoda at one time but no longer have the time and space for the bug zoo and breeding. I miss it so.

Some people have a room for building and mixing with a special fridge for it, but I had a bug room with a fridge for their food, some larvae and eggs that needed chilling, whatever goodies I needed to stash (nobody wanted to mess with that fridge. HAHA), and of course some beers. I still might have the husband build me a spot one day.
The kids of the neighborhood would come to see and hold my huge nasty bugs. It was fun.


One of the herd.