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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


What a nice looking dog! Those eyes!


Before you say that… this is the same animal.


Looks so soft and pettable, and perhaps a little evil to balance it out!

Like my Fireball who is the sweetest thing and so affectionate, but has a bitchy relaxed face. She is the one stayed near me and cried loudly in concern because I was sick and had some coughing fits. It distressed her so much. They say that cats DGAF…

You arent fooling anyone.


Another one of our furry friends! This is Aslan. Also known as Asshat and TW, the Toothless Wonder. He’s been through hell, most of which we aren’t really sure of, but he only has one tooth and had a broken bottom jaw at one point. He’s drooly and cuddly, not always an awesome combo… and constantly purring and mooching table scraps.


There she is right now! The sweetest, gentlest, most affectionate, and usually the first to greet a strange visitor.
My little lovey. Fireball. A couple minutes ago. Dont let the face fool ya.


Aww I would love him!


If we had dog shampoo commercials, this guy would be the brands spokesman! The fur is gorgeous. What a beauty


That ‘guy’ is a lady, but actually everyone who doesn’t know thinks she is a he.


@Molly_Mcghee Love to see happy cats, and you CAN always tell…


He is such a happy kitty!!!


So cute!! You have each a light and dark colored one just like me! Good pics! Ty for sharing. I like the shaved faces. My pups looking a little rough… Haha. (Still cute) they have a grooming appt next week. To get cleaned and shaved up just in time for xmas!


I think I had a dog once. In borsch. In Kazakhstan. Nothing like chicken.


The nicest and sweetest cat stole Joe’s new bed, that he got last night. But he is still scared.


The look reminds me of the old “…for you are tasty, and go well with ketchup!” joke. :wink:


The girls are finally starting to get along…and all it took was subzero temperatures and a foot of snow.


My bro’s Baxter, a puggle, was a runt that my cousin rescued. The vet gave him 2 weeks to live since he had so many problems but my cousin returned after 2 weeks w/ a happy puppy, he is 4 now.


You mean like this?


More like these.


The pug that had its door left open!?