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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


guarding the front door


sneaking out the front door


Beautiful dog!


It’s a Leonberger… his personality is even better than his looks
But yeah, he turns heads


Too cute!! :hugs:
Who’s a pair of good dogs?!!


The one in the first pic is so like “There’s a cat trapped in there?! What in tha…?” :flushed:
(Seeing his reflection in the lens? Or was it just hamming it up for the cam?)

What a priceless expression!


So cute! Funny… my pups like to sit on the back of the couch to. Especially Novi (the white one) Remy (black) looks like he don’t know if he’s supposed to be up there… Haha.
Guess it’s so they can be up higher? More eye level with people…


Amazing they are alike. Bing my black one always scrunches low like this too or more like a cat, where my apricot sits up high


My Labrador Retriever “Chiko” at age of 14 Weeks. Now he is 10 month old.


They’re not around anymore but they were lovely :hugs:


Kerry has been playing with the papper bag from dinner.

She looks like Chinese food.


Our 6 year old Doberman and our one year old German Shepard dog


the dogs look happy but is that woman there on her own free will? :rofl:


Wow they are so beautiful!


Yeah, and the dobey is exactly where he wants to be too lol, he is a huge couch potato, and a scaredy cat to boot lol


Thank you😃


I have a pet squirrel named peter he is almost 7 yr old we found him in florida on a sidewalk his eye’s and ear’s were still closed,didn’t plan on keeping him forever but ended up happening.if I knew how to load pictures I would he listens better then most dog’s lol not joking use to let him go out side call him in when it was time to eat but don’t do that any more after the hawk around here kill’s at least 1 a month that I know of.


a red doby very nice


I used to do work at a ladies house that had a pet squirrel. It would sit in its cage and growl at everyone but her. If you got too close to the cage, it would try to pee on you.


He’s like I will adorn her head like a crown.