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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


An excited one waiting impatiently for the Liv-A-Snap, buck teeth and all…


These are Elsie on the right and Ellie on the left.
They both had a tumor and were operated on tuesday. Elsie had trouble breathing when she came to and they tried everything to save her including X-rays to find out what was wrong. She died shortly after.

Ellie had to stay over night cause her temperature was too high. The next day it was too low so they kept her another night. Today it looked like it was going better but then she died too.
They belonged to my daughter who is heartbroken, we buried them both today :cry:

My vet is absolutely marvellous and she didn’t charge a single penny for all of that.

Some of you might already have seen Elsie trying to get my vape :yum:

We are going to the rat rescue saturday to get some rats that are difficult to place because they have some problems due to bad treatment.


Oh, rats. Hey, someone had to say it.

I have those rats without tails… guinea pigs.


They are cute too but you have far more interaction with rats.


We used to have a rat. She was the sweetest thing. She would sit up on my shoulder and just relax. If anybody opened a bag of chips, she would be at their feet begging. Cool critters,


I’d love to get one and probably will when the cavy’s kick off. But, 4 dogs, 4 cavys and a budgie are more than enough for now! Was two budgies but Bluey died last year.


You should always get more than one. They are extremely social and can get neurotic on their own.


One implies two, I agree with you. We started with one piggy and that poor little thing was so lonely we got him more friends. They’re awesome little buggers.


I will remember that, so that Whiterose mod you’re giving away… :rofl:


Gulp, I hope you don’t win then!!! :sunglasses:


Fortunately for you I didn’t enter, I don’t use mechs :grinning:


Bless their cottons :cry:. Big hugs to you and your daughter :hugs:


Happy 24th birthday to this little lady.

In case you are wondering that’s equivalent to 112 years old in hooman years.


Absolutely gorgeous Doberman, although personal preference here I prefer the ears natual. Fuzzy guy is just sweeter than heck.


God bless and Happy Birthday to her. How many teeth does she still have? My cat Ruffell lived to 23, toward the end she was pretty deaf and I think at last count she had two or three teeth. Then Wifey’s cat Prema lived to 22 or 23 we weren’t sure and she wandered into Wifey’s garage rainy day as a very young adult. The vet guessed at her age when she was spayed a year or so later. Prema didn’t have too many teeth either. Gotta love em


I haven’t really checked. I know she still has her some of her molars and canines…or is it felines… She can still see and hear, but both are somewhat diminished. Despite the arthritis she’s still mobile and can jump up on to the bed and couch. I’ve even seen her doing some “running”, usually due to Kerry. More of a fast walk.


Cute lil buggers. I am sorry for your loss.


@RobQ I have a similar aged Turkish Angora (from a kill shelter ???) and we love her to death. Rescued, and continues to run our house. Yours looks like a happy cat.


I don’t know wth she was finding so interesting.


Girlie and Camo … our silly kids.