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Animal lovers, what furry friends do you have?


I shall call her…Mini-me.


Cat trap’s working!!!


I love it when cats make that face!


I have what is quite possibly…the manliest dog in the world…


Yep! That’s “PLAY TIME!!” all the way (whiskers forward)


I think it is the best when they have their paws on a couch arm or wall and their nose straight up, then they whip their head side to side before a crazy run and jumping throughout the house. And that side eared, whiskers forward, insane face all the while…
The best!


Yeah, Cinder gets all flattened out on the floor, then does (what I call) the “booty wiggle” and ZOOOM… Off like a shot after whatever/whomever the target of the moment is! Rofl So awesome


Our initial plan was to leave him with natural ears, under the assumption that the cropping of the ears was purely aesthetic since he wouldn’t need them cropped for the function of why they were done in the first place, but the breeder presented some very thorough and convincing arguments.

Here he is at 10 months, during one of his more calm and peaceful moments…


Wow. Impressive!



Another disrespected for the wall-o-heads?


Yup, another one bites the dust.


Hope you have some mushrooms mushrooms to go with that badger badger badger… :laughing:


That’s a picture from Jeffery Dahmer isn’t it?


My kitchen, of course. Who’s Jeffery Dahmer?


I love ya @SmilingOgre, but I think I’m going to pass on the badger stew this go round.



Those funny pointy ears though. Lol

My husband always talks about getting a dobie. I am not convinced, but of course if there was a dobie in need…

I am a terrible foster. 99% failure. If I have it in my house for a day…


Ya just don’t know what your ah missin my friend. I have a special recipe! Little ah this guy, little of that guy…


He was (dead now) the homosexual serial killer cannibal who boiled his victims heads and ate them along with other parts.


Maybe a distant relative. not sure.