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Any ideas for juice recipe for a noob?


Hi I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place to post, I’m new here and new to making DIY eliquid. Got my kit through today and bought some scales so I’m ready to do my first mix. However I may have not ordered the best ingredients. I got fruit flavours that I know I like, but using my flavour stash to search recipes I haven’t found much I can make with them. I ordered the following
•key lime
•strawberry ripe
•blueberry extra

All flavourings are TFA, does any one happen to have any suggestions using the above until i buy more flavouring? Preferably a mix of them, unless I am better trying individual flavours first? Thank you in advance.


This is one thing you can do. Haven’t tried it myself so i can’t say anything about it but it might be worth a try.


Single flavour mixes are a great starting point.

Make sure you have the flavours entered in your stash properly then do the what can I make it may not return much as there may not be many combos of those flavours.

These are your flavours


Thank you for the quick response, I will have a look at trying that recipe later.


Thanks for your reply that’s really helpful, I have updated my stash and it seems I bought a terrible set of starting flavours lol, oh well I’m sure in a few months I’ll have flavouring and possibilities as far as the eye can see :slightly_smiling_face:


Have a look at the flavour notes to see what other people commonly use with the flavours you have, that might give you an idea what flavours you are missing to make a good recipe.
it is at the bottom of the links @woftam gave you.


Search no more my fellow noob. Behold:

Created by @Scottes777 (thanks again my friend!) It is the greatest list of the high rated recipes.


Wow mate that’s a gold mine! Thanks for sharing that.


Thank you very much, I will have a look at that maybe it will inspire me!


Yes, a comprehensive analysis of recipes, flavors and others. Enjoy!


That was super nice of you!


I did the same thing, a lot of us do. I was trying to save money.


Lol yeah I underestimated the variety of flavouring I actually required, oh well I suppose it’s all a learning curve, and with the fantastic responses and help I’ve had here I will be off to a cracking start when I order more. :smile:


I wouldn’t say that you bought a terrible set of flavors, just that like baking a cake, you often need more than just flour and an egg.


Yeah that’s a great analogy, didn’t think of the other bits and bobs like icing, just thought of the sponge lol!


That blueberry is pretty solid as a single shot tho.


As single flavors:

start slow - acidic and strong

You should absolutely get Capella V1 Custard as a staple.

The next time you shop, shop for the stuff you need to make the most popular recipes on the site.


Will give it a go solo. Not sure what % I’ll need but I’ll have a search later after work. Thanks for the reply.


Thank you you’re a star! Yeah gonna go through the list of flavourings from the thread listed above and buy as many as I can, in hindsight I should have looked harder, but you know what they say about hindsight being 20/20 and all that lol.


We all learn this somewhat the hard way. Anyone on the site who tells you they made no mistakes when they started is lying.