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Any ideas for juice recipe for a noob?


When i first started i bought huge bottles of 6 different flavors, ones i never tested before i started. Thankfully the flavor rep sent samples of others. I was so confused at first. My mixes were off the wall because i didnt make single flavors first. I am more confident now.
Dont give up! Vape on and prosper! :dash::dash:


This was my roadmap for my first mixes. A lot of SUPER good info and recipes. I ordered the list of flavors that were recommended and just started mixing them. It was a really good place to start.


I’ve definitely had some brillaint advice here so far so that’s a good start, thanks for your words hopefully I’ll be as skilled and as confident as you are with a bit of practise :slight_smile::dash:


That’s awesome to hear, thanks for your advice, had some real good help off you kind guys and gals here, never expected such a warm welcome so thank you all!


Go to the flavour page, scroll down and click Notes to see what people marked as single flavour mix. You can try the most prevalent option there if you’re lazy like me, and shift from there.

But the % you need is gonna be on you and yer gear man. So experiment. Experimentation is key to DIY.

I used it at 4% I think, didn’t keep notes on the single flavour because I’m dense, really should keep notes >.>


Lol I’ll make a point to keep notes then and thanks I’ll go check that out and use it as a starting point.


I wouldn’t say you bought terrible flavors you just need some “supporting flavors”
(for lack of a better word) by that I mean flavors like Marshmallow, vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla custard, graham cracker, maybe some Bavarian cream, NY cheese cake stuff like that
it takes time I started with 4 flavors I’m now over 150 a little at a time you’ll get there


Thanks for the reply mate, yeah I definitely overlooked some of the smaller details, and 150 flavours! lol wow. Definitely necessary though, can’t wait to build my stash up and have a go at some clones/top rated recipes.


I just started ( about a month ago) too. Also just ordered random flavors that sounded good to me and found myself in EXACTLY Your position. The Beginners Guide listed above is solid gold. If you pick out 2 or 3 simple recipies from there that sound good to you, not only will you only need a few more 10mil flavors, you’ll also be going with a proven winner of a recipe. Good luck and welcome to ELR!


Thanks for the warm welcome dude :slight_smile: and that’s sound advice, gonna pick a few out and then get the stuff together, as you said they are tried and tested, so pretty much guaranteed a nice ADV to roll with while I experiment! Happy vaping mate :dash:


I am a big fan of making small (5 or 10ml) test bottles of each flavor (not necessarily additives) and getting a good idea of each flavor on it’s own, even if it’s just a few puffs of something awful by itself. After sampling, I like to experiment with the test bottles directly in my tank. For example I might add some premixed dragonfruit to premixed strawberry in my tank to see how these two interact. You can do this with any 2 or 3 flavors that may taste good together, maybe blueberry and raspberry, for example. It will help you get mixing now and know your flavors and potential for recipes. Good luck!!


Will definitely give this a shot, can’t do any harm experimenting for a while, and i might stumble on a new favourite with a bit of luck.


Noob here also…I suggest strawnana… It’s simple, and you can see how juices age with this mix. You can buy the community recipe pack from Bull City.


Good luck with your DIY, I’ll have a look at their website I could do with searching around for a good and cheap flavouring vendor actually so thanks.


mate unfortunately i can’t say much… unfortunately these flavors you bought imho can’t be really combined very well on their own…
key lime needs more limes to make a rounded lime… like Lime (INW), some lemonade (FLV) while you will probably need some kind of sweetener like marshmallow (i use FA), Sweetener (TPA), Super Sweet( CAP) or like that…

if i was at your place i would buy some more flavors to make these more rounded OR i would try to experiment by making this…

7% Strawberry ripe (TPA)
3% Dragonfruit (TPA)
3% Raspberry (TPA)

the result should be somewhat sweet and fruity while Dragonfruit and strawberry should be taste a lil stronger… if someone wants to correct me on percentage feel free to do it please :slight_smile: or has a better idea…


I takes a little while (depending on your budget) I just would find recipes I really wanted to mix then buy the flavors that I didn’t have You’ll get there!


I’ll try that mix later on so thanks for the suggestion, and yeah I messed up lol but it’s all good I’ll soon have the other flavourings ordered and next time I’ll be more mindful of what is compatible with most recipes.


You got some solid flavors. You’ll be able to make juice you’ll probably like more than most commercial vapes with those, have a look at these flavor tasting methods:


I should explain further. I think the most important thing to do as a n00b is to test singles. Those methods will get you close starting percentages that you can check against the database. The ELR database is not super reliable on singles because not a lot of folks enyer info on singles.

Beware that steeping can turn floral to tobacco…nassty into custard…but some flavors also lose complexity fast and are better young. Good luck!


Hey man, thanks for taking the time to explain all that, and thanks for the link im definitely gonna give that a read when I get 5 mins. Yeah I did notice single flavour recipes are pretty much non existent, I’m going to “learn” my flavour profiles and steeping characteristics as you suggested and take it from there I think.
And I’m hoping it will be better than commercial juice, seems with the help available here I should be half decent in no time, I’m honestly overwhelmed by the amount of good, knowledgeable people like yourself who have taken the time to give me advice. So thanks again.