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Any ideas for juice recipe for a noob?


I am really trying to find a compairable recipe to Marlboros new Markten flavor Summer Fusion. It is awesome. Im about ready to buy a bunch of cartridges and extract the juice out for my vape!!!


Once you learn what can be done and what you like, commercial juice will taste nassy. I am a big fan of florals and you’ll find most of my recipes have floral accents or even a floral focus. I mix what I like to vape on the hardware I use…commercial will never get you there, but folks on here will. We all had to start doing this, many of us with no prior knowledge. On ELR you have some of the nicest people in the world sharing their knowledge, it’s what we do and hopefully it gets you off to a good start quickly. Don’t get discouraged, it’s not that hard.

You’ll come to discover for yourself if you prefer the bright fruits, florals, and teas with strong nasal components or deeper flavors of creams and bakeries or perhaps tobaccos, which taste better than any cigar or cigarette because you made what you like to vape. PG/VG ratios are easily altered and you can decide for yourself what is appropriate for you gear, mix, and vaping style. The atomizers now available have really changed what can be done to mixes. Best of luck and welcome to the fam!


Definitely gonna be a fun road ahead discovering what I like and what works etc, I’ve already increased my knowledge 10 fold reading all the advice I’ve had here. I’m also gonna have to try your recipes some time for sure, maybe I too can appreciate floral accents but I just don’t know it yet!
You’re definitely right about the people on ELR being wise and friendly too, you guys have got me passionate about this now, and it’s certainly given me a confidence to experiment with base ratios and so on. And who knows, perhaps I’ll be able to pay it forward and help some lost young grasshopper like myself some day eh :slight_smile:


You’ve got the culture down perfectly already.

Ah, fair warning my vapes are skewed to the weird. I started completely blind and did some stuff that uses crazy percentages sometimes. I don’t know how many would like my mixes. I think my Thai Girl Smell is pretty solid, but Floralistic Orgasm (renamed by a fan, lol) is the one that really gets me. EVERYONE likes that juice. A simpler one is dragon suckle.

Anyway, not the point. Point is you’re on the way to learn what you like, and that is the best thing…because you can help and learn from folks with the same passion for self gratification (I mean that is this hobby…) too. If florals sound interesting, theres a great, great, great thread started by @amy2 and @DarthVapor that was my bible.

@Ken_O_Where is the mother of all custards, @Pro_Vapes is the most creative mixer I can think of @Kinnikinnick can make your vape a killer smoke, and there’s many more you will see. Just seeing these folks work is inspiring.

Enjoy the trip!


*@Amy2, even though it should be THEAmy :wink:


Nice one for linking those people, I’ll be sure to check their mixes out and see if anything takes my fancy. And lol, anything someone deemed appropriate to add the word orgasm to surely sounds like it’s worth a try :joy:. I’ll also try and remember to leave some feedback when I eventually get round to trying them, it’s the least I can do. Thanks again!


Fixed it. I think she’s Amy*** in the database. If her stash has 800 flavors…its THAT Amy :wink:


Yep. I always get confused when I try to tag her, since there’s a gazillion Amys that pop up, plus she uses a different username on the recipe side :slight_smile:


A really nice mix is 40% strawberry, 40% apple and 20% mint of your flavor base, and the VG/PG/Nic ratios to suit your taste.


HOLY MOLY that is a LOT of flavour :astonished:


Think it is for a one shot darling.


Baha! Thank the lord :laughing::laughing::laughing:


No,sorry I didn’t make myself clear. those percentages are of 3ml assuming you’re making a 30ml batch. So it’s 40% of 3ml strawberry, same for the apple and 20% of 3ml for the mint…


Sounds up my street, will have to get some of that mixed up. Thanks for stopping in and responding mate!