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Anyone have experience with the Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V2?


I am looking to add a RTA to the family as I get more into vaping and am looking for a RTA with a big tank, good flavor, and build deck that is newb friendly. The Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V2 looks good and most of the reviews I have read are favorable. Any thoughts about this RTA from the community would be greatly appreciated.


Any suggestions for alternate RTAs for flavor would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I believe our resident SC pro @SessionDrummer may be able to help. :thinking:


Thank you, @MisterSinner. Looks like a solid RTA with large capacity, just can’t find one local to be able to check it out in person. I am new to the building thing and just don’t want to waste money trying to find a decent RTA I can use as an all day tank. I wasted too much finding tanks that work for me. Don’t really want to repeat that as I move into rebuilding.


I actually have two of these, and they have become one of my favorites. Course I alternate, but I almost always take the Supreme V2 to work daily. Flavor is very good, juice flow control completely cuts off the juice when turned off, making the top fill very effective. Many top fill tanks are problematic, but this one doesn’t seem to be. I use various juices, from 50/50 to 70/30 without any leakage or seepage anywhere, this is a tight and well constructed tank. I use 2.5mm thin clapton wire in these, 4 or 5 wraps, and have plenty of cotton for the juice hole wells. I like the drip tip too, nicely shaped, not a black stovepipe like the older aromamizers. I mainly alternate between this one, and a few of my rdtas, but I always use it and glad I have them.


Yes…good points… I don’t have the Supreme, but do have the Aromamizer V-1 and V-2… They don’t have juice flow controls, but they are bottom fill…as opposed to your top fill model… However, they have an excellent build deck, wick extremely well,…CANNOT leak…and never experience vapor lock/dry hit…I have other RTAs (Merlin Mini, Goblin Mini V-3) which are extremely problematic with vapor lock/dry hit (poor wicking) if I don’t get the wicking exactly right…and even then, the cotton tends to swell after vaping a tank or two, and vapor lock inevitably occurs…Aromamizers are exceptionally newb friendly…and air flow control is versatile, as well…So I second Cosmics’ remarks… :slight_smile:


I have the Supreme V2. The only Rta I have that I use. Easy to build on. Easy to wick. Well built. Can’t go wrong.


Yeah Flavor, my aromamizer V2 was my favorite till the supreme came along. I like that bottom fill, much easier. Maybe down the line a few tanks will go back to bottom fill again, sometimes simpler is better.


Buy it :+1:
If you enjoy a flavorful vape, buy it!
If you love RTAs that don’t leak and are easy to build on, buy it!
I have 5 Steam Craves, I LOVE them.


Thanks @MisterSinner, @WitchWolf as others have said, you can’t go wrong with the Aromamizers. I have all versions except the Titan. You’ve said you’re new to building, so a bigger deck would help you. As others have said, the V1’s and V2’s don’t have juice control, but they work great anyway. The Supreme is my daily driver as (mentioned above) it’s top juice fill, has air and juice control, which is handy if you need to crank up the juice, or to shut it off completely. The Plus was released after the Supreme and is basically an improved version of the Supreme. I do ALL my flavor/mix/recipe testing specifically on a V1 Steam Crave, so that should speak to how well it translates flavor.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. Youtube vids a plenty on how to build and more importantly wick them, not tricky, but nice to know what works ahead of time. I think the ONLY thing I’d warn you about the Supreme (possibly others with juice flow control) is to make SURE it is turned OFF when you are top filling. Every once in a blue moon I forget, and juice pours out hehe. Easy peasy. Close off juice flow, remove top lid, fill to the top, screw top back on, open juice flow and back to vaping.


They’re still out there, and Sub Tank Supply hasn’t let me down yet…

ElementVape still have the V1’s…



@WitchWolf I made a basic tutorial a long while back for (another vaping website) for people just trying to get into building. I use dual vertical coils, and basic coils. If you want fancy, look elsewhere. It’s old, but it still works…


Thank you all for the input and info. I think I will go ahead and pull the trigger on one. I was pretty much sold on it before asking, but the reinforcement in this thread makes it seem like a no-brainer.

@SessionDrummer Thanks for all the extra info, I will definitely take a look at all those versions of the SC and your building primer. Would you mind if I message you if I have any questions along the way?


Not a problem @WitchWolf


I really love the things but I do have to admit I consider them more advanced than beginner because of the vertical coils. Now maybe that’s just me as I built a lot of horizontal coils prior to trying the Steam Crave, but the switch to the other direction took a little getting used to.


@SmilingOgre Granted verticals might be a little involved than horizontals, I’ve tried both in all my SC’s, and not sure why, but I’ve always had better luck with the verticals. I think the only people who can’t use verts would be heavy/chain vapers, as dual tails (horizontal) have to wick faster than single tails (verticals), IMO.


Is the single/dual tail the only consideration when considering coil orientation? Are flavor and vapor production about the same regardless of orientation?

What size coils should I start with if I am aiming for somewhere between .4 and ,6 ohm in a pair of coils? I will be using 26ga kanthal.


Flavor was the same for me, found fluffing and stuffing one tail easier. I don’t chain vape so I’ve never run it dry. Dual tails will wick better, but isn’t required. See what you find easier.


26ga Kanthal, 2.5mm ID, 8 wraps, dual coil should give around 0.5 ohms.

You can calculate it yourself here:


I run dual 24 ga. coils , 7 wraps and they come out at .35 ohms.