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Anyone used Perfectvape.com?


They have some great pricing on Capella 4oz. Wondering if anyone has used them before. Wondering if it is one of those to good to be true sites..


Dammit man send em some bones so I will know if they are legit.I need more CDS for that Sinnamon Cookie Custard.That is good stuff!


Hehe, glad you enjoy. :slight_smile:

Figured id ask first, my vape budget is tighter than a frogs asteroid..


I am enjoying that recipe! Hopefully someone has tried them before.


Think I'll avoid them...scuse the 'others' links. This is what I found.




GO TO BED!! :wink:

Thanks for the info, JoJo. I should have gone to reddit to check before my post but im tarded..


Tanks for heads up!


Just received my order and I’m very pleased. Got 5 50ml bottles of juice and a 5ml pyrex for my Aspire Cleito for $51 with free shipping. Decided to roll the dice since there aren’t any reviews on the site from actual customers. The juice tastes great, it shipped in 3 business days, and I have 0 complaints! Actually created an E-liquids account JUST so I could give them a good review. Great deals all around!


Boom! Another dead thread…awakened from the abyss! :gun::grin:
Edit…my pistol turned into a water gun when i posted…ha


I found perfectvape.com a long while ago and they were cheap so I ordered from them. I was really satisfied with them for a while then things started to go down hill. I got a bad mod from them then I was getting orders with things missing from them, then I would email them about it and they wouldn’t answer. I went to another forum and asked about them and they sent me a youtube link of someone walking through their business. All I could do was say OMG. I emailed them again and told them about the video I saw on youtube and they denied everything but did tell me that they do allow customers to open the bottles of “for sale” flavorings to smell them and they mix out in the open so the customers can watch them do it. I was told that it was clean because it was behind a counter. I won’t go back there… Just my opinion. Go to google maps and look at the outside of their store. Gross


Funny thing is: i don’t believe they offer an email option anymore on the website…that’s odd.


I can’t remember but I don’t think it was a direct link to email them. I went to my order and you can contact them about an order, I just told them there. They also have some kind of chat thing that pops up on their website home page and if they aren’t in it will say leave a message.


Why do people Complain so much about Perfect vape. I have been buying my eliquid and DIY items from them for years and I have never had a problem. Good luck finding another ejuice supplier with decent tasting juice at a price that Perfectvape offers it at. You cant honestly base a decision off of someone elses bad review. If that was the case then why do you choose the juice company you do. I promise every juice company gets a bad review. They are worth trying. Buy sample packs and just try out all the flavors. I bet you will find one that you really like and realize its just more affordable through them with this economy


Sniff Sniff What’s that smell I smell? Oh, right!


Are you trying to say whoever that is a troll? I think your right, I don’t think people realize how much info there is on there profile.


Yeah that’s a spam post. One post, arguing with members about that particular website. And an old thread… Kind of easy to see.


Nemo :’(…


I’m not trolling. That was my first time I came across this site and I seen this about perfectvape which I have ordered my juice from for years. Guess us trolls can keep on trolling


Well, regardless, you fit the profile here for it perfectly. So, if you’re sincere, I apologize. Otherwise,


Here’s the thing about “I never had a problem”. 1 - So many other people HAVE. Good for you, you’re a special little starfish but 2 - probably most important, it’s only when you do have a problem, that you find out if a company is excellent or shit or anywhere in between.

Every one of the vendors on here who are highly regarded as being excellent, it’s not because no one ever had a problem. It’s because they’re fast, honest and honorable about fixing the problems.