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Are there any discount codes for Chefs Flavors?


I am getting ready to place my first order and my basket is Full. Just wondering if there are any discount codes. Thank you

Chefs Flavours Rebranding
Chefs Flavours Rebranding

You have literally missed one by about 2 weeks (I hate it when that happens!) Not sure if there’s a current one but somebody else may be able to shed some light :grinning:


Yeah they had 25% off of everything just 2 weeks ago.


I think POTV gets you 10%


That just my Luck. Thank you


Thank you.


Yup that one works.


this is good to know :+1:


AAEC 10% OFF :wink:


I don’t get them - I’ve contacted them several times, but they never reply to my emails :stuck_out_tongue:



Still working as of March 2017 :smile:


Still working. Thank You!



Still working as of Feb 2018 :smile:


I know this is an old post but apparently the issue is still the same. If you want to contact them, you’re better off using the form on their site. They don’t seem to receive any emails.


Oh, I’ve used that several times as well…