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Are You F_@$ing ( kid)ding


I do miss watching Tom&Jerry


The more people that advocate removing personal choice and giving it to the gubment, the closer we get to 1984.

Thanks for trying to legislate my freedom away, but I think I’d still like to make my own choices…


My kids love the cartoons I had when I was a wee one… All we have is DVD
I googled mcd and Happy meals, came up with tons of links. Honestly, this isn’t problem…their are 6 companies that control most (if not all) of the media.
This in turn means (for me anyway) that any news released, is released for shock value not validity or facts.
It is a scary world we live in, but it can change. Learning what is real and true is hard considering Google isn’t the all knowing source that it claims to be. (And people depend on google- go figure, that’s the point :sunglasses:)
But history has already shown us what can happen because it is happening again (in some form or another).
Books, knowledge and an open mind. Be the change.
Edit: this was not a direct reply to anyone, I just didn’t push the right button


It says a lot that people love using a strong arm daddy to enforce their wishes on others, because of their own lack of due diligence. @Phil_Fish I think we are there in more ways than one, take away the in your face drama of the movie and book and all it portrayed exists now.


As far as emotional terrorism, the media in general.


You know I don’t really care right? You know I wish that more American would actually research what they get all up in arms about instead if just sucking up what the media tells them. You know that McDonald’s case caused quite a few states to pass ledgislation capping payouts from insurance companies right?


Preach on brother @Cutlass92 !!!


We love the shiny balls Cutlass …


Or, if you prefer …


Some asshole just trying to make a fast buck


AMEN to that.

There seem to be a lot more conservative minded people here than I originally thought.


The whole thing is a shell game. As for the McD coffee… yeah they served the coffee a bit on the high side, but one assumes that if you order a hot coffee, it may be, well, hot. As for the Happy Meal, I spoke my peace.

There should be more focus on individual responsibility rather than forced legislation. Instead of stopping an establishment from doing business, maybe a parent can simply tell a child they can’t have a Happy Meal every day? Maybe a parent could help teach a child how to make healthy choices? Maybe it’s just me, but parents should be the front line of defense for educating their kids on things like proper diet. Removing marketing or forcing businesses to change doesn’t absolve parents of personal responsibility. I love McD, but only allow it once or twice a year. My kids have grown to that mindset as well. Everything in moderation. Neither McD nor the nanny state taught them that. Crazy, right?

I’ve watched NASCAR all my life. For a long time, the top circuit was called the Winston Cup. It did not make me want to smoke. One of my favorite Halloween treats was candy cigarettes. They did not make me want to smoke. Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man did not make me want to smoke. I chose to when I grew up. My friends did it; that had a much higher impact than any commercial or cartoon character.


I stared at this for way too long. Lol


Yea, From the very first news story to the very last when humans become extinct. You’ll probably be able to categorize them all into 48 plots or headlines… and only the names, places, faces, and number of people affected will change.


I think all of this is horseshit. I raised children. It was my money and my children and they got what I served up. I also took the time to educate them regarding advertising and marketing. Fuck the corporations. Fuck the guberment. That lame ass clown got very little of my money over the years and to the best of my knowledge he gets very little of my children’s or grandchildren’s. Yes eating well is a luxury. It is a luxury in regard to time spend making decent food. Sorry, no excuse for those who claim to work too much. There’s also, my favorite TV show, social media, bla bla bla bla. It isn’t a priority. It’s that simple. I shop the perimeter of the market and between my wife and I cooking, we always eat food, not pseudo synthetic substances in a box or at the clowns to go window.

One more comment on advertising; today’s advertising is the worst and most lame I’ve seen throughout my lifetime. I haven’t seen an advertisement that made me want the product in over 20 years. In fact the opposite is true. If they have to advertise it constantly, it’s crap. It isn’t performing well in it’s market. I saw one the other day with some fool bouncing around with a curly fry stuffed up his ass. That’s gonna make me buy something? Buzzzzzzer… wrong answer. Next contestant please.


To an Ogre, isn’t that akin to the pig with the apple in its’ mouth?


No. wrong end.





I live somewhat removed from Maccas closest one is 120 km round trip which is fine by me - I did buy the kids a happy meal each once and it didn’t make them happy (in fact neither of them ate it lol) - hmm wondering if i can sue due to the lack of happiness that was created.