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Are You F_@$ing ( kid)ding


Now I think you have something… False advertising!!!

McD used to give away a coupon for a free Happy Meal on your birthday when I was a kid, no idea if they still do. That was, literally, the only time I had it all year. I recall one time happily waving it about on my birthday, in the car on the way to cash in my bounty. My mom said repeatedly, “Don’t lose that out the window!!” Sure, enough, I did just that. I remember me crying, mom yelling, and then turning around and going home with no free Happy Meal that birthday. Lesson learned!!!


I think there’s a big difference between freedom of choice, being able to buy or do what you want and being force-fed advertisements of things that are against public interest. Part of the role of the government is to protect its citizens whether that is invasion by another country, protecting food standards, making sure people can get affordable health care and education etc.

You know, today I was watching some top country cricket matches and more than a few of those players were overweight. You know there is a big problem when even athletes are struggling with their weight.

The food industry has failed to regulate itself so it’s time they get a hand. It has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism or any other ism. It’s a global health issue which impacts more people than smoking and vaping combined.


IMHO the government is free to regulate my behavior if my behavior causes a danger to others. They can, however go get f$^(ed if my behavior is only a danger to me.


The mcd coffee case was indeed stupid and the US is probably the only country where it could have happened. But advertisements for unhealthy food is a whole different thing and targeting children is even worse. Not every child has the advantage of having an educated parent able to make proper judgement calls. You can’t expect young children to know the consequences of eating fast food or how much is too much.


Didn’t know the average Mcdonalds happy meal customer earned funds and are not under the guardianship of someone? Must be a lot of them to make the Government regulate the commercials, but its more like a whole earth full of snowflakes that require strict control and parenting their whole life.


What people seem to constantly ignore is that if you give it to the guberment, they will fuck it up 100% guaranteed. Michelle put her eating laws in place for public schools. That cost me a fucking mint. I was feeding at least ten children. My wife teaches and would smuggle in food for the more athletic students that where going into sugar fits and nodding out mid afternoon because they weren’t fed enough. Many of those students had parents on welfare with plenty of funds available for food but momma was a crack ho and there wasn’t any food there either. Good goin gooberment, nice job once again.


And with all the power of Child Protective Services they still screw that enforcement up and expect everyone else to pay the price.


Hey now…I work for a cemetery vault and creamation services company. Like it not you need us.


YES!!! they should ban that to, it scares us older folk into depression. :rofl:


Maybe that’s next… Fun and Relaxing commercial for crematorium 's :wink:


Well that is not a choices for me, but government wont even allow a pine box on my 30 acres.


So that’s what happened to cousin Bubba, we’ve been wondering where he was. Just figured the possums finally got their revenge.


What many don’t realize is that the agencies in most counties are severely understaffed. Hard to enforce anything without social workers to investigate.



We are very respectful and gentle. We even sing you a lullaby as we put you in the ground or oven.


I know a guy…


Yep as I said they screw that up also. I’ve worked around CPS all my career (city of near 300K) and didn’t find that to always be the case though, more a lack of real investigations and a bureaucratic nightmare. Hey I was a government employee and we were just as screwed up sadly.


In my county they aren’t replacing the retiring staff.


Yea I have seen that in several depressed areas around where I am at now.


Lol, I remeber as a lil one we use to peak in the windows of the funeral parlors for a good spooky scare. But now driving by them or seeing ads is totally depressing.