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Are You F_@$ing ( kid)ding


And if you need any further proof just go over to the recipe side and poke around in the Flavor List for a few minutes. There are some people with truly pathetic spelling abilities! I just shake my head in disbelief. :hushed:


Oh hell, I’m an Ogre. It’s not like people are gonna think any less of me, lol.


Easy Haas! I resemble that remark. I am the self confessed worlds worst speller. I before E unless you are standing on your right foot. WTF?


A before B except after C, I thought. Or maybe Z? Screw this, I need 4 Big Macs before I can think straight anyway. At least, McD tells me so.


Err…did I miss something? I mean no disrespect to anyone. Just calling it like I see it.


Lol, you’re fine. Just a little tongue in cheek humor. Obviously not a great delivery.



You are on a roll! How much coffee did you drink this morning?


None. I spilled it all over my lap and suffered discomfort. I think I’ll sue a corporation.


Yep there is a word for that political cooperation " Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.*Benito Mussolini, he also said " Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.


I’ll give him this, it worked well in the moment. It should have been a stop gap measure however.


I think his demise and final resting place hung upside down from pole at a service station is a good metaphor. In my opinion it is where today’s government is heading.


I wish I could disagree.


Your not missing much in my opinion. I had to bail on FB because I got tired of correcting misinformation on both the liberal and conservative posts and being told I’m just making facts up. For what it’s worth, the conservative posts I was exposed to were the most prone to advocating violence.


Roger that @SmilingOgre. It’s funny you should mention that as I had a fairly liberal client approach me today and was touting the great, great, great benefits of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), and he seemed fairly happy with himself, and what he thought. I’m covered by my employer so I didn’t know other than what I had heard both PRO and CON, so I decided to shop around for some stuffity stuff on the “exchanges”.

??? !!!

Ummmmm, this was an EYE OPENER for me.
Wow, My premiums on the LOWER plans with insane copays and out of pockets was approaching a MORTGATE payment ? ?? !!!

WHAT ?? !!!

I’m sad to say, with what I JUST witnessed, FIRST HAND, when shop, shop, shopping around on the exchanges, was, errrmmmmm, worrysome.


Ours comes through my wife’s employer (school district) and yes our co-pay jumped 500% and our deductible doubled. We are finding out over time how many things are no longer covered at all. My daughter totally lost her insurance in the beginning and had to move to Canada (her husband is native) to keep the children covered. A good friend was diagnosed with brain cancer, found a clinic that specializes in that and his insurance said “oh no that’s not the right place for your treatment” and sent him to and end of life clinic. Real impressive for sure. It is also worrisome that this administration seems to give off the vibe of wanting to put it back where it came from when where it come from no longer exists. In the past eight years large corporations have absorbed almost all health care. They already own it. “Giving it back” will do nothing.


And yet it was all done ‘for the people’, eh? Oh yeah, the gubment should definitely run our lives for us.


What mystifies me also is how liberals hate a Republican administration, and conservatives hate a Democrat administration, yet both admins do the same thing. It was Obama of course that foisted the healthcare mess on us that further enriched the rich at our expense. And the ‘other side’ has their own agenda too that serves lobbyists and themselves. Doesn’t matter what color the politician is, red or blue. Government is never ‘for the people’, at least the common people. Been that way a loooinnngg time.


Yeah, that about sums it up. Ask yourself this though which is WORSE, The Left/Liberals and/or Obama Care which we will see to this day, OR, Republicans scream, scream, screaming about repeal and REPLACE, yet nothing ever materializes ??

Me wonders …

Time DID march on @SmilingOgre, and that’s for sure, so going back to the throw back, from the waaaaay back, may NOT be in the cards, so WHERE ARE our politicians, working tirelessly to give US (the people FOOTING the bill) a system that covers us, but doesn’t BANKRUPT us ??

LOL, it would be comical if it wasn’t SO DAMNED EXPENSIVE.

I have ALL manner of friends, civilians, military, left, right, nutjobs, zealots, etc. and all have a lot of opinions, but I know for sure NONE are shopping for health care on the open market i.e. “exchanges”, and most are clueless of what they are screaming about, for, and against.

GET INFORMED, or you just look plain stupid, parroting whatever you heard that fits on a bumper sticker LOL.