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Are You F_@$ing ( kid)ding


LOL, nah, you gotta pretty big pile over there …


Oh I don’t think there is a thing I can do for that girl.
EX: the clutch on her AC compressor went out in the fall I said listen it’s $200.00 for a new one, save up some money over the winter and I fix it this spring just don’t run it. We had an ice storm last week and I hear her beating on her windows to get the ice off so I go out and I’m like what’s going on why don’t you let your car heat up a little it makes it a lot easier. “Because I don’t have any heat” I’m like what?! I just did head gaskets and every other top end component. So at this point I’m extremely confused and concerned. “Yeah any time I turn it on it makes a horrible noise” she has the AC button pressed in! Yep that’s my daughter.


ROAR !!! Cutlass. I already had THIS one on deck, and now I can’t NOT use it…


I love it! I did actually send her to get new muffler bearings and muffler gas!


If it makes you feel any better, my oldest daughter called me one day all excited. She was around 35 at that point.
“Dad, dad, I finally got it!”
“Got what honey?”
“The second hand!”
“The second hand?”
“Ya! I always thought it was the third hand!”
Long pause
“OMG, good, I’m glad to hear that, I think”


I feel so much better! And so much worse at the same time, what foutune 500 company is she the CEO at again? I think I need to check my portfolio.


Right now I am especially thankful that I have no children. I think I’ll just stick with the fur babies.


In all honesty, the girl is brilliant. She owns her own historical preservation company based out of Kansas. She does a lot of educating and speaking. Also does a lot of lobbying in both Columbia and DC. It definitely is not fortune 500, but that’s not her focus. At the same time there are just those things that just don’t latch in her head. But then, I get that. I never tripped over a mountain. It was always a crack in the sidewalk.


Same here, super smart. And I’m not just saying that because I’m her father. But sometimes I struggle to understand the disconnect.


Thats really great to hear, I know you have got to be a super proud Grandpa. I wish I would’ve learned and listened. Me it took let’s see I’m 53 so 53 yrs lol
Tell your grandson from me that (even though we haven’t met) that I’m proud of him too.
Believe it or not @SmilingOgre this really made my day to hear something so positive. Thanks for sharing :facepunch:


That was me and I lost lol
I’m sorry @TorturedZen I couldn’t resist.


I get that brother. I sense quite a connection. I will pass the word. Grandpa is feelin ok at this point. We all have our successes and failures and sometimes we’re not sure which is which but I like what I am seeing in the general direction. Thanks for the post. It lifted me as well.


I’m a certified medical assistant at a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practice. We deal with chronic pain patients, so in turn, we deal with a LOT of narcotics. Part of the job is calling patients when they’ve had inconsistencies in their urine drug screens (UDS). A few weeks back, I call this guy in his 60’s to inquire how he might explain how fentanyl was present when he’s not prescribed that. He swears up and down that it’s impossible and I explain that I’ll let his provider know and hang up. He calls back and asks if it’s possible if he “caught it” from one of our chairs in the waiting room.

He is no longer our patient.


Wow, simply wow. I hope you put biohazard signs on the chairs…


I did have to remove one of them due to an accident one day… :nauseated_face:


We had another patient who tested positive for cocaine. Her excuse was that she thought it was Pop Tart dust.


I’m not singling out Americans, we have the same issues and I see it everywhere I go. It just wouldn’t do much me posting Dutch, German or French videos. Post-war times, people were made to think for themselves and not take everything people told them. Now in the age of technology, people are taught to rely on facebook and not think for themselves, “everything you need to know is on your phone”. People take in what they see on their screens and TV and facts are boring so it’s very little of what people actually watch.

My point just being, every year businesses spend 100s of billions on advertising and they wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t effective. If governments let these big companies get away with everything, it reflects badly on a big population.


I come here and Vaping Underground. I have a FB account that I used for two weeks, said hi to some very old friends and then left. Other than that, no, I don’t. I guess that puts me at a disadvantage in some areas, but I don’t feel like I’m missing much.


Therein is the rub. You’re asking Satin to fix the devil. The result is never better, often worse. Our health care is a good example of that. Premiums went up 500% and more in some cases over the last decade as gooberment got involved. Almost all health care here has been absorbed by huge corporations over the last decade and now the trend seems unstoppable. These corporations are guberments which are negotiating with traditional geographical guberments and the results are horrifying. “It’s a hard rain gonna fall”,


Don’t feel bad Ogre, I fell for it too.