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Are you ready for some Football?


BMORE Ravens fan here! Matter of fact my dogs name is Ravyn and I’m on the wait list for season tickets. I’m a realist as well and I don’t know how we are going to do this year. The only games that really count are the ones that we play (beat) the Steelers!



Lions will lose, my husband will watch them anyway and… I’m off duty for the next 4 months :slight_smile: Yay! Shopping time!


I love the burgundy and gold!


Bears fan here, but I don’t see them doing much better than 8-8 this year.
Injuries are already killing them.


The 1st Amendment is only to protect you from the Government but depending on his contract the 49ers can release him without violating his 1st Amendment rights. Save the political statements for another venue, it is a distraction on the field and very selfish IMO.
If it was an individual sport like boxing or tennis then sure, do what you want. In the NFL with 53 players on each team imagine if everyone decided to take up there own cause, a nightmare. This is why players should be penalized for these actions, if not then everyone will feel free to do what they want. If the whole team decided as a whole to bring attention to a single cause that would be different but these individuals are narcissistic aholes.

Finally got my team back, the Los Angeles Rams!!! Was a free agent fan since they left but it feels good to have them back. I hope the Rams smash the 49ers on Monday night, can’t wait.


It’s nice to have the LA-SF rivalry back! Even if both teams suck, I hope they step it up for the rivalry matches. Go 9ers!
On another note, I hope the 9ers dump Kappy-Kap. Not for his protests, but for his high level of choke. Just my opinion…


That is my thoughts as well , the very definition of a team is you do everything together.You should never bring in your personal thoughts and feelings and place them above your teams goals.
Sports is no different than anything else that involves a group trying to accomplish one goal.It isn’t expected or even needed to be be friends with everyone on the “team” . What is expected and needed is that everyone does their job when the situation calls for it and above all else don’t allow distractions or personal feelings to stand in the way of your team succeeding.
You don’t have to be friends or even like your teammates but you had better have respect for each other or the team has already failed.


Huge Atlanta Falcons fan here. I wish I would have thought of seeing if anyone here was interested in joining a Vapers DIY FF League? (LOL) Just checked on Yahoo sports and its not too late, so please chime in if you have an interest and I will start one up begining week two.


I was listening to a radio program the other day and the host brought up an interesting point. This was in reference to the Carolina/Denver game. QB Cam Newton was hit with helmet to helmet contact, but because of another penalty during the same play (Carolina’s foul) the penalties offset. So the host was bringing up the point behind the no targeting rule, and went on to say how, due to the NFL’s rules for protecting players from concussion injury, they could have sat Newton out until medically evaluated. He brought up the point that if a team wanted to bench a player and effectively get that threat off the field, one of their players could basically take one for the team by targeting that player. Sure they would sacrifice one of their own players, but if the league suspected the targeted player suffered a concussion, then the goal was achieved. I doubt this will become a problem, but the NFL has created the environment for it nonetheless.


Well, my Cowboys went down to the Giants. A dumbass play that let the clock run out on the last play… no field goal attempt. We are hurting on defense and Prescott needs more work, but not too shabby for a rookie. Our run game also hit a wall and Dez was absent in this game… 1 catch for 8 yards. I hope they improve.


Have the Giants even lost in the new Texas Stadium? I know the Cowboys do better playing in NY than at home it seems, that game last year at Giants stadium was a real good one.

I thought they should have handed the ball off to Morris instead of Elliot, he was more effective.

I don’t think the Cowboys will ever get back to the Super Bowl with there current coaching staff. Too many dumb penalties and mistakes like the play you mentioned at the end of the game. They should also get Dez more involved with some slant patterns, that guy is dangerous in the open field.

The Cowboys always seem to have bad stretches in games or just seem to be out coached by the other side. They need a new coaching staff and more importantly a new General Mgr., Jerry needs to step down and just be an owner, I even like his Son better, he is the one who stopped his Dad from drafting Johnny Football.

I really like Prescott though, impressive debut for a rookie QB and hopefully he just gets better, just not good enough to beat my Rams…lol.


That’s very good narrative of the Cowboys, their problems and the game. There’s a lot of issues in Dallas that follow them from season to season.


No need for you and @fidalgo_vapes to wallow tonight! :grinning:

It may not (probably won’t) last, perhaps the Rams will turn out to be the worst team in the NFL but for tonight…



I’ll take it! Maybe it was wishful thinking, but Gabbert had a little of the old Steve Young in him tonight. I’m not expecting much, but I’ll take it. Woo hoo!


I just saw on ESPN that the ncaa just relocated 7 national championship events that were originally supposed to be held in North Carolina because they are not on the left leaning bandwagon in regards to gender bath rooms (too bad politicians are so stupid, all they have to do is have one unisex bathroom and only allow one person at a time regardless if they are boys that thinks they are girls or vice versa) … Looks like it is time to FOR ME to stop watching and supporting the ncaa as well as the nfl … I don’t understand why they are so Hell bent on allowing men into women’s rest rooms …


The conspiracy theorist would say that it’s part of the greater plan to normalize it. If folks start seeing chicks with d**cks at age 3, then by the time they’re adults it’s just the way things are in their world.


So basically that is their contribution to the degradation and moral decay of the nation?


At the risk of inciting a riot between liberal and conservative, I’ll just say that ship sailed a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Go Steelers :sunglasses:




I second that.

And of course go Hawks.