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Are you ready for some Football?


This was BadAss … Go LSU



I watched that. I think he must have ran 90 yards for that 60 yard TD. Good stuff!


Yeah I watch all the LSU games …more pro’s come from LSU… My Favorite College Team :+1:


I have a very soft spot in my heart for LSU after they way they treated our guys last year. Remember that, when the game had to be moved to LSU’s field because ours was flooded? They were so gracious and generous. Showed genuine human kindness…then went on to kick our asses! :slight_smile:


This kid did a good job the Steelers need to Look at him



The steelers need to look at anyone and everyone to replace Big Ben. It will be a miracle if he makes it through this season healthy.


Jets are looking good tonight.


I’m a upstate SC Gamecock fan!! I was born into a Carolina family. This year is gonna be up and down I’m afraid. But, I’ve been thru worse lol.


Yeah I doubt we’ll have much to brag about this year. But will that stop us from flying our Gamecock colors? Hell no! I think Carolina fans are the most loyal in all of the NCAA.

Question - are there a lot of you in the upstate? Because there are tons of Clemson fans down here.


Actually there is a lot of us in the Greer and Spartanburg area. Not so much past Greenville . Don’t stop me from representing my team tho. Go Cocks!!


Yeah, I was in a Walmart about 6 weeks ago, looked down in the cube next to me and saw a men’s pair of size 12 or so shoes… meh.


And you did not notice the mirror on top of the other shoe like Pee Wee Herman!:smiling_imp:


Am I happy that Green Bay lost to the Vikings? Hell no! For any Packers fan there are three teams you want to beat more than any…the Vikings, Bears and Cowboys. So it’s always a bitter defeat. What I will say is… good for Minnesota and their inaugural game win at their new stadium. For Sam Bradford’s excellent performance as the interim QB. And for the Vikings for honoring the memory of Minneapolis’s own Prince. It was an exciting game, but if the Packers don’t play any better than they did tonight it’s going to be just another season for their fans wanting and hoping.


Well, this has been a crappy beginning to what looks like it may be another crappy season…:disappointed: The Redskins lost to Dallas yesterday and boy did that hurt…but like the past couple of seasons, they win at our place and we WILL win at theirs on Thanksgiving!!! But I shouldn’t even say that because Kirk Cousins seems like he can’t handle that much attention because he never does well in prime time games. So we are off to an 0 - 2 start…#HTTR :unamused: But yeah, we can totally blame this loss on Capn Kirk…:angry:


Tough loss for sure ,Bradford was about the only one that played well.Pack looked terrible but I am used to the slow starts from them and hopefully they will improve.This is one of the few games where nothing looked promising for the future though.We have the Lions next , they better pick it up a notch!
I hated to see Peterson get hurt but so far the reports are that it is minor.


This is exactly how I felt after watching the Washington/Dallas game yesterday so I feel your pain…on the plus side…when you guys play the Lions next Sunday at least you will be at home!


Amen, especially Aaron Rodgers. Pathetic. To me the loss lies squarely on his shoulders and McCarthy’s idiotic decision to go for it on 4th down when well within field goal range. Reminds me of watching my beloved Carolina Gamecocks under the Old Ball Coach. How many games did we lose by three points or less when we went for it on 4th down in field goal range? It was more than a couple.


Yeah I agree Arron Rodgers did not live up to the hype last night.

Then again a lot of teams didn’t. My Seahawks as always have problems with the offensive line at the start of the season…made worse but a slower run game and injuries tussle Wilson.

Big Ben for the steelers just throwing out interceptions. At least they won but shouldn’t have.

I just telling my self its week two…lets see how week 3 and 4 goes. Fingers crossed.


Our Pack got a win today over the lions but unfortunately I didn’t get to watch it. Looked on paper like Rodgers had a much better day with 4 TD passes and 0 interceptions.But it also looked on paper like the defense had a poor showing.

@Maureeenie get back on the clock and show your hubby some compassion!:joy:


You are so funny! Naw…if he’s gonna torture himself like that he’s riding that horse alone.

The Lions have and always had potential (and they have good days) but the reality for the team comes down to money. Detroit will fill that stadium if they win or lose because of masochistic Michigan fans.

They don’t have to win to make money and I can’t torture myself like that anymore. Nope, won’t watch it :slight_smile: