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Are you still on the fence about Ti Wire?


To the TFV4. Thats one set up i keep seeing good things about. And thats my next investment


Most folks like them. I wanna get a TFV4 Mini for my next tank. :smile:


No dry fire? Made a coil before reading this. Dry fired my coil and some pretty stinky stuff came off it


I only dry-fire my ti when rewicking, and I do that at very low voltage, so it takes a couple of seconds for it to start glowing faintly - and I just do that to remove gunk. Dry firing the first time isn’t necessary if you cleaned your wire with alcohol before you started building :smile:


Honestly I prefer my method to doing any dry firing. I’ve found no benefit to dry fire on Titanium. However, if you’re interested here’s what I do. By the way, it may really be most effective on thicker gauge wire, I’ve not done it much on anything like 28 gauge.

When I rewick, I brush the coils. My first method was to pull the coil head and, while running it under a hot tap, use a toothbrush to scrub the coils clean. This was actually very effective for removing deposits and getting a very clean coil. But I’m lazy, so I started using a nylon bristle brush attachment on the Dremel. This does a slightly better job but is faster. If done carefully this will not alter the coil at all such as moving its position, loosening it or messing up spacing of the windings.

About every 3-4 wick changes I’ll also run pipe cleaners through the coil. This isn’t often needed because the inside of the coil stays in contact with the wick and usually nothing deposits on them.

That’s it. I know I’m repeating myself but I have coils that are weeks old. I wish I had marked down the date of the last build so I would know. But on New Years Day I am rebuilding all my RTAs and will not rebuild them again until I need to. That way I can see how long I can make them last.

Different strokes.


1 hour till store closes in Calgary that I found the Ti wire at last night. Approximately 40 minute train/walk. Lol going to get the rest of the gauges, kicking myself for cheaping out last night


Hmm can get kicked out of camp for having alcohol, does dry firing to get rid of whatever it is that burns off that bad?


Rubbing alcohol perhaps? Or just soap/water? Dry-firing should be ok, but start at very low wattage, then increase until you get a dull red glow after a second or two :smile:


If you get it really hot it will actually ignite. At that point you’ve definitely gone too far. :cold_sweat:


K got 24, 26, 28, 30 g they did not have 22. Also got a pack of cotton bacon, you guys recommend that over the cotton that comes with coil master or is it same thing?


I have some rubbing alcohol will read that prep link


Ok guys… I took the plunge this morning before work and built on my new TFV4 rba-2 deck, thanks to @Whiterose0818 !
22g 6 wrap Ti-1 around my 2.4 ID spaced dual coils - 0.07 ohms !!! Vaping nicely on my rx-200 75w 500F

Very nice flavor and vapor production vaping my PecaNilla today. No leaks! Am I doing this right now???


That’s the build that made stop building Claptons a while ago. It looks perfect to me.:+1:


Yay!! :slightly_smiling: I’m loving this vape. Very smooth, not too warm, but the flavor is outstanding.


A lot of people don’t like the TFV4. Build it right… what’s not to like about it. Hardcore tanks perform best with a hardcore build… IMO!


Well, if I can build it right, arthritis and all, then anyone can. Seriously.


I really want to like another tank better, but the TFV4 with TF-R2 is near perfection to me :slightly_smiling:


beautiful! perfect!
glad i could help!
the SS works very well on that also.
i’m super excited for you!


…for flavor, build a Bellus like in my hemp wicking tutorial. I also think the Billow V2 Nano produces better flavor and big clouds. The TFV4 is my #3 right now. It’s a fine tank, but it cannot hang with the two above on flavor IMO. It blows monster clouds though.

@alisa, cannot tell for sure in you pic, but it works best if you keep the lower of the legs on each coil on the inside of the screw. That gives more room for the wick.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll do that next time.