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Are you still on the fence about Ti Wire?


I got a feeling that Griffin is going to make my other tanks jealous whenever those people in the land of rice and fish finally ship it out. Grrr I hate waiting. I watched a couple of review videos last night and I’m convinced if it’s not better than the TFV4 it will be a serious contender. I rebuilt my TF-R2 today just to have something to do with my hands. That thing is a pain in the ass to build on but the reward for being patient is spectacular.


Really? You think the TF-R2 is hard to build? I think it’s just about the easiest of my tank selection. The Bellus and Goblin are significantly more difficult for me.


I have a hard time with the screws and getting them both to hold. They like to strip (not the threads). I like the concept but an allen head would make life much simpler. I don’t know why they would have such a beefy tank then put those POS phillips screws on the rba. At least they could use better phillips if that’s the way they had to go.

Edited to say Strip instead of Stip. Now stop Googling the word s-t-i-p :slight_smile:


Anyone tried the triple clapton rebuildable?
I have to agree with @therabidweasel about the tf-r2, i too think its the easiest deck to build on.


Looks awesome @Alisa. I love that build, puts some nice flavour out. @Pro_Vapes put me onto it and I haven’t looked back with that build. Glad your enjoying it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash:


There’s not much info about them yet. Not sure I’m even interested in that myself but I hope someone tries it and reports back.


The tfv4 is still being used in my daily rotation but slowly but surely i find I’m reaching for other tanks and that being said, I don’t think i will be adding anything else to the tfv4 family. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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[quote=“mat2, post:639, topic:18245, full:true”] I decided I didn’t care for temp control .I just didn’t get the warmth I wanted. As a back up I bought 6 evic vtc minis. I’m down to only 2 of those left . I still have have a sigeli 150 no one likes as its uncomfortable to hold.

I understand you didn’t find the enjoyment with TC you were looking for. But I’ll say this - if you build dual spaced 22ga Ti you will get all the warmth you want. It can be too hot in fact. Did you try this set up with a TC mod capable of say 100w? If not I think you’d have a different perspective.


I tried it with a sigelie 150 tc . on velocity (tebecco) . with nickle and titatium . I found that it was about the same with kanthal but kanthal Was easier to coil and held a lot less “questions” about safety. Not that I’m that worried. I was fairly unhappy with the sigelie too. The battery door got super loose. Anyway I saw how cheap the eleaf 100 watt mods were and held one in a local shop .The comfort of it in the hand decided me . I went and ordered four. These are easy convienent and cheap.they can charge on the fly and last most of the day. Are there nice mods …yeah …hell yeah but that much power for 35 bucks dual 18650,with a charge port . done and done. I m a big believer in “kiss” and these fit the bill.


I use it in most all of my mods and I end up in non TC mode.


I saw a post here about 2 weeks ago where someone seemed to almost scare people about titanium. So, I watched a video about it. A couple of things I found out is that we never vape at temperatures high enough to create titanium oxide. Also, you can see it if it’s there. It’s a white film. They use titanium in medical parts inside peoples bodies. Also, titanium is not poisonous. All the scary things pertain to nickel, not titanium.


Yeah, I’ve been working with Tio2 for over 30 yrs and I’m still trucking along… no health issues. I’ve learned to ignore the forum Tio2 experts. I just let them have their moment.


Thanks sweetie Pie. Does anyone know why after I adjusted some ELR site settings, now I get a notice in the upper right hand corner when I made a post, not only when someone replies to a post I made. ???


How has no one in this thread mention poisoning from Titanium wire?

Last I heard it forms a white power (that may be due to lower grade/ not completely titanium wire) that makes Titanium dioxide, a class 2 carcinogenic.

Am I just hearing a myth from forever ago or what?


We don’t get our wire hot enough to get poisoned gases off any wire vaping. I don’t think you have to worry about that. I Vape TI and SS Don’t even look at mental no more. Just my thoughts. Happy vaping :zipper_mouth_face: