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I just ordered The AROMAMIZER SUPREME RDTA BY STEAM CRAVE from Eciggity.

Silver $49 with Code REDDIT10 and free shipping
Black $52 with Code REDDIT10 and free shipping


Boreas vs Aromamizer Supreme vs Griffin 25mm

Hah! I just pulled the trigger on the Boreas RTA!
have you seen that thing? I’ll be buying the Supreme eventually. There are so many awesome tanks popping up everywhere! It’s a nice to be a vape right now!


I really really like the 25mm Form factor…I have heard that the billow 3 will be offered in a 25


Me Too! Looks awesome.


Just see a review on this. I’m telling you there is a lot of good attys coming out this year. Looks like the year of 25mm attys


Prepare yourself for another game changer


I hope so… it has great reviews. USPS says it’ll be here Wednesday. The Boreas RTA is in my mailbox right now. I can’t wait to get off work and put it through it’s paces.


I can’t wait to see your thoughts on this new atty. the reviews I’ve seen. Just when you think that’s it. Along comes a better one. I want I want I want


I had a few problems with the Boreas from the start. It had one broken O-ring and I broke another. I went with the deck with the large wicking holes. I use 70/30 vg/pg and it leaked a half a tank during my 1st fill. Juice flow control would be nice when filling because once I removed the top cap it really leaks a lot. When I finish this tank, I’m swapping for the smaller wicking holes setup. Hopefully it will stop the leaking when I remove the top cap. I don’t like that it comes apart in several parts. I should’ve paid closer attention when I disassembled it, because it was a puzzle putting it back together and getting the O-rings right.

There’s probably a learning curve for me with this tank. Once I figure out the dos and don’ts it should be one of my better tanks. After I got everything worked out, it’s vaping like a beast though. Great, great flavor and very good vapor production.

One other thing… I wish it had airflow slots instead of these holes that need to be lined up.


Ordered mine from steamcrave site direct. Can’t wait. :ok_hand:


Didn’t realise it was smaller. I thought it was 25 mm. Either way still going to have a long wait untill there available in the uk. [quote=“Whiterose0818, post:3, topic:57743”]
I have heard that the billow 3 will be offered in a 25


i am surprised that you didnt figure out the juice flow control when you took it apart, PV…the afc and juice control are both controlled airflow ring. when you take it apart the next time, pay closer attention to the innovative ingenuity that was put into this deck.its like an aromamizer and a goliath v2 had babies…BIG babies.
i’ll give a quick note here:
i got my Boreas yesterday and cleaned it and built it last night and have vaped 2 tanks already. this just might be the most awesome tank built as far as the ingenuity…its amazing. to fill, close airflow, which in turn closes juice flow. when filled, put top cap on, flip it over, open airflow/juice flow, then turn back right side up. when the tanks airflow is wide open, so is the juice flow…closing off ANY airflow in turn closes off juice flow. i like it at 3 holes open. super dense vapor and incredible flavor. the design of this thing is really very impressive.
one last note before i go shave dog ass:
after vaping a tank, i went to the bowl that i washed it in and found a loose o-ring in the bowl. i pulled the build deck off and found that the half inch o-ring fit perfectly in the very bottom piece of the tank…the piece that goes over the 510 connector. take a look at yours and make sure your o-ring is in there…you’ll see the spot it goes in…this very well may have been the cause of your leakage.
after reading your post again…i realized that youre not happy with the airflow…re-examine it, understand it…i think this tank is an incredibly awesome design. once you find the connection between afc and juice flow, i think you will like this thing better…and that bottom o-ring, lol…
trust me, brother…this tank is super bad ass!!


I may not have something put back together right. Because when I filled did close the airflow ring… I’ll take it apart and recheck everything again. I want to switch the deck anyway.


i promise you, if you get that thing put together right and use it correctly, you will feel the same way about as i do.
remember how the goliath v2 works? think about that when you put it back together


pull up an image of the breakdown…like this one:

you can probably find a better one than that, but thats a start


Thanks for the tips.

i definitely made mistakes when filling. i closed the airflow and filled it, flipped over and opened the AF ring and there was no leaking this time.


you got this, brother! now enjoy this masterpiece!


Just bought my aromamizor supreme. Got the black one. Hell yeah.


Boreas at 150watts