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I figured I’d change the Header since there is a lot of info on both tanks.


In my opinion, the aromamizor has it beat hands down. Maybe they work together to come up with them. Or like a lot out there. They tried to copy the aromamizor. I think between the aromamizor and the griffin. I will be a happy camper :roll_eyes:


do you have the two tanks already??? i have the Boreas in hand and i have the supreme on the way. having used the boreas for 2 days already, the supreme will have a tough time beating this boreas! this boreas is absolutely incredible! the ingenuity, the craftsmanship…wow! huge clouds, very intense flavor…quite possibly the best tank i’ve yet to encounter. no kidding, its really really nice.
as far as copying the aroamizer…i think all tanks use current technology…the aromamizer did copy the velocity, if you wanna see it like that. the boreas also used some of the style of the goliath v2…it all comes together to make a great tank.


I have the aromamizor on the way. And I used my friends borias yesterday. It was good. I will give you that. But just like heathens tank. His had a leaking issue as well. But the flavor and vapor was great. Maybe I’m just in love with the aromamizor to begin with. To see them come out with this one, just made it that much better. I’m sure I won’t be unhappy when it gets here. :scream:


I have only a few issues with BOREAS. That being said it’s still the best production tank I own. I’m dying to compare the two and decide for myself which is better. My Supreme was a no show today, so hopefully I’ll be trying it out very soon.


Ahh…you agree with me on that? This tank is spectacular! I’ve been running it neck to neck with my mutation x mt-rta today and I believe it’s producing better flavor. It is, as you said, the best production tank I own as well.
I’m curious what issues you have with it?
When my supreme comes in, I’ll be doing the neck to neck again to see which is superior. Tracking says it should be here on Friday.


It’s really simple stuff that I need to work out. It leaks regularly… especially when the tank is low. I wicked it loosely though so that may have been the problem. It also spit back hot liquid after the leaks.

I wicked it tighter and now it isn’t leaking, but it’s not wicking or tasting nearly as good as before. It also jump into temp protect kinda often now. I’ll try other wicking methods.

The top cap get stuck after I tighten it. It’s too slick… it needs something to grip.


Gotcha…you’re right, simple things that can be worked out…except the slick top cap, lol.
Somebody needs to do a review on this masterpiece and inform the family!

These/you guys need to read this!
Best tank yet!


Shit, now I gotta ask…what you using for wicking?


When I get my aromamizor supreme in. Then I can give good side by side. I guess I’m just partial to the steam crave products :flushed:


Ill do the same…my supreme is on the way and I am a huge fan as well!


Cotton Bacon v2


Ever use rayon? Or fiberfreaks?


I started with cotton balls, then japanese organic, and settled on cotton bacon v2. I’ve never tried anything else.

I get my Supreme tomorrow. I hope the mail runs before I go to work.


Hey buddy. Yeah I’ve been reading it. I’m intrigued but RTA rich right now. I already have backups for all my mods and 2 more Diablos coming. I’m afraid eventually you all will see me on an episode of Hoarders.


yup, my supreme arrives today, as well…i’m pretty excited.
so i have found rayon and fiberfreaks line of wicking material to be superior to cotton. you wanna try some? i could send you rayon and maybe 5 different types of fiberfreaks. lemme know…its of no burden to me.


I’m looking forward to what you guys have to say about it.


Sure… I’ll give them a shot. I’ll pm you.


Can’t wait to get my supreme, have to wait for the rest. In the uk.


mine came in the mail today…just gotta get home to build on it!!