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This Lemo 2 is really underrated though. I am really enjoying this tank.I think a lot of people kind of let this one slip by them but its a really good design.


I know several that love the Lemo 2 , I had one briefly but gave it away.I didn’t have any problems with it , I just liked the Boreas and Aromamizer a little more.
The only time I have problem with leaking on the Boreas is when I lay it on it’s side for an extended time.
I am glad you are enjoying the Boreas!


We are getting to know each other lol


I can’t believe I just now saw this post Whiterose0818. I don’t recall on which thread but I said the same, SAME thing you did about the SMOK RDTA and the G4. Those were my last tank purchases, and they are really great. The SMOK G4 gives off so much flavor that I thought something was wrong with my juice mix, but no… I’m diluting my juice in that tank because the flavor is so strong. As for the RDTA by SMOK… I really love it and I’m running 3 of them. Juice flow… well it’s okay. I really don’t need it. The deck size is larger than 22mm Aromamizers (being 24 mm), and I like that because I can easily fit Clapton coils in there. No… you are not the only one enjoying these SMOK tanks. They are my favorites!


same with me I allways flip unside down drain deck be4 i open the top and then after i fill it be4 i put top back on i open first airhole 1/16 and then screw on flip open it and fire it right away and vape and never leaks


Love the Supreme, thank you.


Hey dude, tell me. Do you still feel this way about the Boreas?

So this morning I decided to do some cleaning, coiling, wicking, and in the case of my Boreas tanks, rebuilding. I’ve had issues with them for a few months with leaking. My suspicion is the o-rings on this piece -

I can’t confirm that’s the only one with a problem because I replaced those two along with the one on the deck. Stopped the leaks. Ever since I got 2 of these RTAs they’ve been probably my favorite for when I’m out and about. That generous juice capacity makes it a good traveler. However, if you have one that leaks it doesn’t matter how good the vape, you’ll leave it sitting.

So while I’m sure somewhere on ELR there’s a post or link, I’m too lazy to spend the next 45 minutes searching for it so I ask…does anyone know a good place to get replacement o-ring sets for this thing?

Oh and another thing. I can’t explain it but I can put the exact same build in any other 2 post Velocity style RTA I own, but neither clouds or flavor are as good. It’s really amazing how wonderful the vape is off the Boreas.


The Boreas is still the only tank I use. My only issue is it does leak occasionally when I over fill it. Besides that it’s still my top pick. I’ve tried 2 or 3 tanks since this purchase, but none were better for my style of vaping.

I did find when building with too little wicking material it would leak. I now wick it very snuggly and cut it just below the base of tank at a slight angle. This has resolved any leaking issue when I carry the tank with me or lay it on it’s side.

As for where to find more O-rings, I don’t know.


I found this over on ECF when I was looking for replacement o-rings for my Boreas. I haven’t seen any replacement ‘kits’ for the Boreas.

Drip tip (2) 8 x 1
Top of chimney stem where fill ports are 9 x 1
Top cap 18 x 1
Glass tank seals (2) 24 x 1
Bottom of chimney stem 10 x 1
Top of afc ring 18 x 1
Below afc ring (2) 17 x 1
Base: large is 18 x 1, small in bottom is 11 x 1.2
Deck 12 x 1

I was gonna order from McMaster-Carr but could never find out exactly what material I needed.

Edit: Just messaged Subtank Supply and they have a kit of the o-rings and glass for the Boreas for $7 (not listed on the site that I could find). They sent me a PayPal invoice so I should have a set in a week or so… hoping they are correct :slight_smile:


It certainly is an awesome tank. If you’ll remember, not long before I got my first Boreas I had purchased a TFV4. And before that…I was on the Delta II and Subtank Mini with the RBA decks. So with such limited experience with RTAs I had to keep going after the Boreas. I did find a few really good ones, but nothing that really replaced it in terms of how it satisfies all the things I like. Some might have a better feature here and there, but nothing that could replace it. The Pharaoh RTA could have unseated it, but adding the extension to make it hold 6ml of juice also makes it weigh like 30% more than the Boreas. So yeah, I’m right there with you man.

Thanks, I’ll check that out. I bought 2 of these not long after they first came out and they came with enough spare o-rings to rebuild that one section a couple of times. But it would be nice to have spares. I can see using these for a lot longer too - got both black and there’s not a scratch or blemish anywhere after just about a year. So to me it would be worth having several spares.


Dude just messaged me that he can’t find the kits he thought they had… figures :frowning:

Eciggity still has the black Boreas for $16.99


3fvape had o ring kits…Just a container with a bunch of o rings in different sizes. Not sure if they still have that or if it would work for you.


Thanks dude. I checked it out and they had this - also in red:

I’ll pick it up and I’m sure it will have just what I need. I appreciate you!


Don’t get that kit, the orings are really thick, pretty much useless.Sure, now they list the thickness, 1.9 and 2.4mm thick orings, I wish it was listed when I bought the pack.