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Thanks for your help @Pattie

The build came out as 0.14, it’s dual coil so i believe this is correct.

I am not sure everthing is right, I have to have the temp set above 260c to get any kind of vapour as it is hitting temp protection the second i start to vape.

Don’t want to hijack this thread (more than i have) so might start a new topic tomorrow after i try the same build again.

Thanks again.


That sounds about right to me brother. Resistance halved because of the dual and bring your temp up. You should get a nice warm vape. Temp protect is kicking in because it’s reaching temp straight away. If it’s not warm enough, up the temp untill your happy.


The TC looks to be kicking in to early. I can set it to the highest temp allowed and I would expect a warm to hot Vape but that is not what I am getting.
I have never used Ti wire before so I don’t know what to expect but with other builds I get the usual popping/hissing of the liquid being vaporized but have to have TC set to virtually the highest temp before getting a similar reaction and even then it only produces a small amount of vapour.
From what I have read about Ti I don’t think I should be using it at 310c/600F?


you’re fine…600F isnt in the danger zone. with what little details i am getting, it sounds like you arent getting enough liquid to/on your coils. wanna take a look at that?


Yeah sounds like a choking symptoms. The tc wont let it fire so is cutting in quick.
Check all your connections while you do that also.


Thank you very much for the photo’s.
I will give it a try as soon as I can, big storm coming thru right now.


I didn’t catch what kind of MOD you’re using, but with mine, I have to remember to “lock in” the cold resistance. Otherwise, it doesn’t work right.


Yep i did lock it in when the coils were at room temp.
I am waiting for some 22 ga Ti wire to arrive and will try again with that.


is there really such a place? if so what is the name and or IP address.

Thank you


It is indeed a place and I have ordered from them without any problems.Here is the address


awesome!!! thanks Bro. So is there a pack of assorted o rings of the size we would use for vaping?


Not that I have found on that site , on that one you must know what size you are needing. I have seen some o ring kits from Fast-tech to rebuild the more popular rda’s.
I also think that Fat Daddy Vapes have some rebuild kits for certain attys. I know they offer about everything else , they are like an hardware store for all things vape!


3fVape has some miscellaneous sets like this if you’re looking for an assortment of o-rings.


I’ve not used them, but they’ve been on my wish list for a bit. They also sell several authentic ring and seal kits for different atomizers as well.


I have that set…it’s come in handy several times!


So many attys I have no clue what the fricking right oring size is!!!


I just got the Boreas for $24.99. I hope it lives up to its reputation. Since I got my coil master I’m out of control. I want to build on everything now.


You won’t regret it. The Boreas is still my top flavour rta to date, so easy to build on also.
Yeah seems like you’ve been on a right old spending spree latley, nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy :wink:


My kids are using the RTA’s full time and they convinced me I could handle it. The Cleito RDA does leak and it makes me mad because it taste great so I did research on here and went with what most people said was a good one. It was cheap too! (I justified buying these RTA tanks with not having to buy coils anymore)

I haven’t had much of a choice on the spending thing though really. I had three mods bite it on me in the last two months, the Cleito’s leaking problem finally made me crazy enough to switch to TFV8 tanks AND my neighbor with 4 little kids who smokes (and couldn’t really afford to get started in our wacky world of vape happiness properly) decided to give sub-ohm vaping a try again so I hooked him up with some of my older tanks and mods for really cheap.

He had the same old story with those old ego skinny battery and tank combo’s a couple years ago and he gave up on it. About a month ago I handed him one of my mods with a tank of Unicorn Milk (after changing drip tip of course) and I said… “Try that… see if that might give you a second thought…” Well his eyes bugged out of his head and his face lit up and he said “Holy Shit” (like most people do when they go sub ohm)… He sat there by the camp fire for a couple hours chucking clouds and decided it could make him quit… it’s a good feeling dealing this drug. (Just saying)


There are several good tanks on the market right now but the Boreas is still my favorite.


I got it yesterday, I like it - no leaking. You need to use quite a bit of cotton to cover the holes which to me increases that “prime flavor” ramp time a bit but yeah, so far so good and it is holding a gallon of liquid. It’s pretty neat and such a little cloud beast - holy cow.