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Still waiting on ups to pick mine up. Did I tell y’all I hate ups :scream:


Supreme that is!


You should’ve said very small pieces… I dropped one. Luckily it didn’t hit the floor.


I have mine up and running, but wont be able to give a verdict until ive has it through a morning…evenings are difficult to get a good feeling tanks sometimes. In the meantime, I’m getting your care package together!


I have mine up and running also. My early thoughts lean toward the Boreas… like I said tho… early. It seems to have a smoother, more productive draw. The Supreme only leaked about 1 drop on the first fill with the juice flow open. I’ll vape identical juices to try and keep all things even and give the Supreme a break in period.


Yup…my thoughts exactly. So far the Boreas has the edge, but tomorrow may tell a different story


Yeah I seen it has very small pins in there. Either way it goes. I will get mine soon. Keeping a open mind on it


Day 1 with the supreme:
So far, I am NOT impressed. I experienced muted flavors and was unable to chain vape. Dry hits after 3-4 in a row.
I am not discouraged. I will rewick this thing using different wicking material and try again tomorrow.
Anybody else?


I’m still running it though it’s paces. I must say the vape quality is not very impressive. They made several improvements, but they don’t translate to better flavor. I’m going to try a different build and a looser wicking to see if I can coax more flavor from this tank. I think regardless it won’t match the BOREAS for productivity.


I pull my 1st build (2.5mm ID, 22g Ti at .08 ohm)… I dropped in a 3mm ID, 22g Ti at .06 ohm. I wicked it just slightly snug with the legs just long enough to reach the wicking holes. It’s wicked just like a dripper with no cotton contacting the outside of the coils. I’m running it in TC mode 560F and 100w. The flavor has improved tremendously and no dry hits. The airflow is still a bit jerky, but its rocking flavor and vapor now. Is it better than the Boreas??? No! But it’s the next best tank I’ve vaped. It might improve after a coil and wick break in. Right now it’s much better than before.


i left my build in, 22g 316l, 3mm ID, 7.5 wraps, 0.11ohms, but switched the wick a bit…a bit looser fit, longer tails to absorb more juice. i figured the 7.5 wraps would offer more surface area to give more vapor…
the flavor is a bit better, no more dry hits when i chain vape, but this still isnt the Boreas. maybe i’ll try your method of wicking and maybe even try a Ti build in here. you think the reduction of ohms had any play in the flavor?
i’m still not giving up…this thing IS getting good reviews so far as i know, but no one has mentioned what we are going through: the lack of flavor…
i’ll let you know my findings and thanks for sharing yours


I had a lot of wicking at first. Less and loose wicking seems to have done the trick for me. Before I couldn’t even vape at 75w without temp protect kicking in. I’m going to try this wicking in the Boreas.

I’m running 5/4 wraps.


Got My supreme yesterday. My last two aromamisers have been really good. This is just as good if not better. I’m getting more vapour and the flavour is great. I’m using 28 twisted kanthal with 6 wraps. Reading at 0.38 ohms at 35 watts it’s really good. I prefer the vertical build on these tanks. So far so good.


Just got mine in today. Got duel Clapton coils in it. 3mm ID. 0.23 ohms. Jap cotton. 85watts. And it got great vapor. And the flavor is great. Not better. But great. I love this atty. it will be my me toy for a while.


Long time no see. I know I have been MIA for a while (life calls), but I recently got around to getting some new vape gear and both of these were purchased. I have had them both for about a week now and reading through this entire thread I want to chime in on my own experiences with both tanks.

Note: I have consistently used the same build for a week in each tank. 3mm ID, 8 wraps G1 Ti, minimally spaced, right around 0.14Ω.

Boreas RDTA:

  • I thought that the other deck included was just an extra deck, so I have only used the deck that has the smaller wicking holes.
  • I have had very minimal leaking issues. I sometimes get juice in-between the air control ring and the atomizer and when I close it to fill, the juice will come out of the wholes as I turn it since there is build-up under the ring.
  • I wick it just like I would for any other RDA, angled cut wicks towards the deck posts and then tucked under the coils over the wicking holes. No issues leaking while filling it standing up with the juice flow closed.
  • Sits flush on my mods and I have no wobbling like I have with other removable deck RDTA’s.
  • Flavor and vapor on this thing is immaculate. I have vaped it at 200W on my Cuboid and holy vapor, it makes me choke and I like really dense vapes.

Aromamizer Supreme RDTA:

  • Its main flaw is that the one I received has an excessive amount of wobble. This is due to an incorrect o-ring being placed around the removable build deck. Mine is so loose that if I hold the tank upright and remove the bottom collar, the deck will fall out. I have read other reviews where people have stated that their deck took some force to pull out, it was not as loose as mine. Visually inspecting the o-ring around the deck and I can clearly see that the o-ring is way to thin. This o-ring needs to be the same size, but thicker in order to create the appropriate seal.
  • Another flaw I have found is that the threaded 510 connector is slightly shorter (mm’s) than the Boreas. It will fire on my eVic Mini, but gives an undesired vape from my Cuboid. Whereas the Boreas has no problem firing on any mod I own. I get a very dense vape on the eVic Mini whereas the Cuboid gives me a weak vape because the atomizer does not make a good connection on the 510.
  • There is a major issue with juice getting between the juice flow collar and the air control collar. Every time I move either of the collars, juice comes out in-between all of the collars on the atomizer. If I grab the air control collar and squeeze it slightly, I see a ton of juice build up inside the different steps that aren’t being used to control the airflow and I must wipe it out.
  • Not so much of an issue, as I feel this could be fixed with replacing the drip tip, but what’s the point of including one then? My atomizer gets to a point if I vape on it a lot that it will gurgle once there is a build up of liquid inside the drip tip.
  • The juice control really does work, not a drop of liquid gets through if it is closed.
  • There are a few very, very tiny pieces that you need to be wary of if you are going to do a complete break down to this tank.
  • I still feel like this tank is holding back something, I just can’t put my finger on it.
  • Mine gets hot quicker than most tanks I own.

I have tried both of these tanks at 200W and the Boreas stood out by a long shot to me. It did not get hot in 5 vapes at 200W at about 3 second pulls, the Supreme RDTA on the other hand was the hottest I have ever felt an atomizer. Also the airflow on the Boreas may be a little much for some compared to the Supreme RDTA (at least I feel like it’s much bigger). The reason the airflow is this excessive is so that the atomizer can handle excessive vapor and heat. The flavor was still pretty good at 200W on the Boreas and pretty muted on the Supreme.

All in all, the build quality of each is pretty good. The one thing that stands out to me is the threads on the Boreas, very smooth, feels like butter.

Maybe I just got unlucky and my Supreme RDTA didn’t come from a good batch. I really dig the innovations of both tanks. The Boreas has my pick though if I were going to go out and buy one or the other since out of the box I didn’t have to deal with any issues.


I must have been lucky. I don’t have any of the issues that you spoke of, besides muted flavor from my 1st build and wicking. Once I went to a larger ID coil and minimal wicking the flavor leaped.


Roxy would tell you to use the deck with bigger holes if you’re going for 200W. She seemed surprised that the smaller one would hit that.


That was with using 80VG/20PG juice as well. I don’t vape over 80W most of the time, but I had just updated the Cuboid so I wanted to test the full potential of the mod and the Boreas.

@Pro_Vapes how is the o-ring around your build deck? I emailed Steam Crave about my issues since I bought it directly from their website. I’m hoping they will give me some insight.


I’m curious with the 25A limiting on the Cuboid if you were actually doing 200W though. Either way sounds like the Boreas is one nice tank from everyones reviews so far.


Tapped 200W till temp and then constant around 140W to keep it at temp. I normally vape at 430F, but I kicked it up to 470F to keep the wattage from scaling down. I can push the build to about 500F and I’m sure if I did that it would hold closer to the actual 200W. I did it for a test purpose, I couldn’t vape that high all day :grimacing:

Though at 0.14Ω it stayed around 140W for the rest of the pull, at a build of 0.08Ω which I used to use regularly I was only able to get about 70W and it wouldn’t go higher because of the 25A limit.