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Ask the Chef(s)


@daarth if you don’t mind what line of work is your wife in? Obviously you do not have to answer this question, I was only curious because I can only imagine your schedule is a hectic one?


Thought I smelled something “off”


Bless her heart!

I’m basically the “goat” who can eat tin cans and still survive!..and the child that literally ate the mud pies he made!

There’s lots to be said for allowing your children to be exposed to the icky elements of this world!


Americans are overweight. I like to cook and I do it fairly well. It’s the darn time factor that keeps getting in the way. Could be lazy also.


KD in the coffee maker man.


Nah, you’d be the guy makin’ the pills!


We just picked up a huge brand new $600 industrial dehydrator for $40 so I’m currently messing around with that and all the fun things I can do besides my favorite…JERKY!

Speaking of that, my wife proposed the question while I was washing and drying all my juice bottles if I could just dry them in the dehydrator?
The quick answer is YES but I’m thinking that wouldn’t be smart because as the water evaps all the solids that are in the water would remain in the bottle?
Opposed to twisting paper towel in them like I currently do. Tedious bitch of a job that is…


If only!! Could you imagine the wealth that would spew from such a creation!


What about a final rinse in purified water before the dehydrator


That dehydrator sounds really cool.

As for drying your bottles, this is what I usually do:
Put my dishwasher through it’s regular cycle. While it’s washing my dishes, I wash and rinse my bottles by hand. Stop the dishwasher as it gets to the dry cycle and put the bottles upside down into the top rack on the post thingys and start the dry cycle. Bottles come out crystal clear and no paper towel lint.


you can’t be serious… really go eat dirt then!!! haha


My wife is an administrative and graphical worker at the municipality central library :smile:


Duh! Sometimes I miss the obvious

Another brilliant idea! Do you use tap water to rinse though? I don’t trust the tap down here and I’m lucky that I get paper towels from work that leave no lint but it took me 4 house to do 15 bottles the other night…granted I was multitasking but still…


So she’s a 9-5er then…man I wish I knew what a “normal” family schedule was like!! Even more so since I moved down here with the season insanity!!
I rarely have time to make dinner and I work around food all day!!


I rinse my washed bottles in distiller water and then stick them in an oven at 350dg for a bit. Poor mans autoclave. It work for me.


Is this just a hobby of yours around the house or are you a mixologist/bartender


Really? What type of bottles do you use? Cause the majority of mine that I wash are the hard plastic or soft plastic ones I use for prototype mixes and although I’m sure they would dry quite nicely in a 350 degree oven, I may have a bit of a struggle getting them back out :wink:


Yup. Don’t trust my tap water either so after rinsing I squirt some rubbing alcohol into them and shake it up really well then shake that out before the dry cycle. I don’t use plastic bottles anymore because the plastic will absorb just about anything over time. Luckily, my vaping buddies are too lazy to DIY their juice, so they hand over all their empty store bought glass to me. Score!


Agreed, I use cold water first to remove any smells and finish with vodka for the most part. I have glass bottles as well but those are mainly for my big batches and final products. I need to invest in some though because I really only have about 30 vs the 100s of plastics

Everytime I have the extra cash to by nice glass bottles I decide to by flavorings or somethin else thinking, nah…I’ll do the bottles next purchase lol


So back on topic… The golden question of everyday was just asked by my spawns…“Daddy, what’s for dinner?”

You know the funny thing is, is I can pull full entire menus out of thin air and create special within seconds and change out full catering menus in the blink of an eye…
But the one damn thing I struggle with everyday is just that…wtf to make for dinner at home!!

Everyone always says “Ohhh you’re a chef, it must be so easy to cook at home” HELL NO!! It’s my biggest struggle in life!! lol