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Ok…you’re right, I should have put a disclaimer on that post that said:

“If you try this with plastic bottles, you will meet with limited success using this procedure…just don’t.”

Here’s to hoping they read the rest of the thread before they heat up the oven! ; )


So wait…are you telling me I should go get them out of the oven then??



Nah, leave them in there…you’ll have a great cutting board or placemat when you’re done. Lemons = lemon aid.


Solids, did someone poop in your bottle…lol. Seriously, my last step is a Distilled Water rinse. Shouldn’t be any residue after that, or at least not enough to worry about…

PS: Oh I see everyone and their brother too suggested DW or purified water. Well just keep the poop out of the bottles then…



…I know I’m nitpicking it seems and in a way, sure I am but unfortunately I am in an area where TDS is an issue, so much so you can see it in a SS sink just after running the faucet. So even though I know I wont end up with big chunks of…poop…or calcium or pouring out phosphates, nitrates, sodium, potassium, chloride and everything else after it dries, I do want to minimize as much tap water in my bottles as possible and yeah I probably wouldnt want poop in my bottles either but thankfully that’s not an issue I have…

Now final rinsing with RO or purified water and then placing in dehydrator, I’m down!

Either way none of this was an issue and I never wanted this to turn into a how to clean your bottles thread, I was just branching of a suggestion my wife had was all…


Nice bro! Keep em comin!!


The desert with brandy snap tuille is bannan parfait rolled in crushed toffe popcorn then the tuille has peanut butter cream pipped into it.now I want to vape that ha ha


Understand completely, that is why I do the final DW rinse. The rest I was saying WAS a joke of course…


I gotta get off this thread, I think I just gained 5 pounds…


My wife always sees me taking all this time with vodka and RO water to rinse and dry, that she thought maybe a quick rinse in faucet and dehydrator would speed things along for me since the water would no longer be present… bless her heart


Bro that sounds like the perfect beginnings to a juice right there!


It is a hobby bought myself 300$ of food additive 5 lbs each got some to last forever or until they are damp i just enjoy aromas and nice foods.


I’ve worked in the food industry for over 25 yrs. I have always been in the front of the house. Of course started as a server through college then went on to be a service manager and corporate trainer. My mother was a great cook though and I learned so much from her about southern cooking and cuisine. She won the blue ribbon 6 or 7 years in a row for her chicken & dumplings at the Hamilton County fair in Chattanooga Tn more than a few years ago, she has been gone now for 5 years, hard to believe… This is my favorite summer caprese salad most everything on it came from my garden, except the cheese. I also made the balsamic reduction for the drizzle on top. Not quite southern but still my favorite.
BTW I would be honored if I ever got to enjoy something you have created @DarthVapor congratulations on all you have accomplished and continue to achieve. As well as @juicyd, beautiful entrees from you both… Cheers :beers:


Ahahahaha that I soo me as well, I hate cooking at home anymore unless its throwing pork butts and a brisket in the smoker and walking away for hours on end


I was given a set of those when i took a position as the exc sous chef at Wintergreen Ski Resort, they were gone in less then a week. Darth that is some amazing looking food my man, you have far more patience then i do when it comes to that stuff.


The wife and I are going through that issue right now! WTF to make for dinner?!?! Seriously look at my background and all I have done and I can’t figure out dinner for 2 young kids, my wife and I!! I mean come on now!
@sonnyj33 First off thank you but I wish that patience carried over into other aspects of my life because I am the most impatient guy I know…seriously! That’s the only thing I hate about mixing juice too is the steeping, etc! I’m sure you can relate, create a dish and consume/enjoy…create a juice and…I’m sorry what? I have to wait weeks to enjoy?? GTFO!
Global knives are a love/hate thing…I love them because they are light, thin and 1 solid piece…they are great! expensive…but great!
There isn’t anything like the rage you feel when someone steals your shit! I have had it happen more times than I care to admit! Sadly it is a common thing in this business. Look at the types of people in this business though, drunks, druggies, liars, cheaters and just plain out crazy (I fall in the later if you’re curious)
@Kelleyjo333 thank you as well! Your mother sounds like quite the lady! Ironically I didn’t grow up around food and my family really don’t like much of anything, so I have no idea where I got it from!! Maybe you will get to sample some when @daath and I hold that party we are having! :wink:
Caprese is great ESPECIALLY when you can go out and enjoy some samplings from the garden…for which I envy you for girl!! I have wanted a garden for years but I do not have a green thumb…actually I have a black thumb, I kill everything and I can’t grow anything to save my life!! Seriously I can kill a fake plastic plant in one night I’m so cursed!!
I’m hoping this thread can help some people and provide some great info, for me as well! No one will ever know what there is to know in this business and sadly the majority of people think they do…there is a lot of arrogance in this business and it is filled with hot heads. I have seen a lot of crazy chefs in my time that should probably be behind bars for the shit they pull…
I was actually in the middle of writing a book about restaurant life back in the 90s but that bastard Anthony Bourdain beat me to it with “The underbelly”


I would kill for that recipe! Hands down my favorite southern dish EVER! I can eat it til it comes out of my nose!

Your Mom sounds like mine! She was a homemaker her whole life and mercy could she cook. The first in her family to go to college and got a degree in Home Economics. I watched her in the kitchen like a hawk, learned the good ways and thank her every time I speak with her for allowing me to get under her feet while she cooked.

I would feel it a great honor if you shared your Mom’s Chicken and Dumplings recipe with us! And likewise I’ll see if I can scrounge up my Mom’s Gooey Butter Cake recipe; that stuff is addictive!


it would have to be during the warm months … i don’t think i could take the cold weather in Copenhagen during a winter. I’m actually from the “Real South” … you know, the one that Darth Vapor would consider the south … :sunglasses:


OMG I love butter cake!! I will see if I can find it written out so you get the full effect and i will send it to you…Lets just say she didn’t drop her dumplings, she rolled them…Seems to be what divides dumplin aficionados.