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I agree - Winters in Denmark are boring, grey, wet and cold :stuck_out_tongue:


that is exactly why I stepped away from fine dining , management and line cooking . My blood pressure went way , way, way down, so did my stress and my quick temper. You wait for your juices ?? I throw mine in the USC then in a drawer for a day and are good to go. I actually have a ton more patience when im away from a kitchen then I do when im in one and right on with the perfect description of kitchen workers !!! you nailed it perfectly, I actually use Dexter Russell knives at work now, I figure go on and steal them better those them my good ones that sit in a box at home and never get used hahahaha


Most my juices are fine the next day or 2, I was exaggerating a bit, although I have a few that take a week or so.
The kitchen “help” here in Florida is HORRIBLE I never lose my temper but I have actually screamed for my first time because of it…the rest of the day there was silence and a lot of eyes on the floor haha

That pic sums up Florida cooks


Yay a chef thread!! Sorry I’m late to the game. I will read it when I have a minute to breathe and ooh and ah over all the amazing food! You guys are rockstars! Denmark sounds lovely. :wink: I always said I’d fit in well someplace like Seattle or, gods willing, Europe. I love the rain as long as it isn’t flippin’ tornadoes (and of course I live in little tornado alley.) DV, you and I are opposites. I’ll take a hurricane over a tornado any day!


Having spent 20 years in the Navy, I’ll stick to the tornados here in the mid-west thank you very much… and I do recall a nice sunny day in Denmark once in my travels in the late 70’s, sitting in a grassy amphitheater listening to a concert…


You’d think twice about that if you were hit dead on by a hurricane. I’ll admit I have never been in, or near a tornado but I have been in a direct hit of a hurricane. Luckily I did not have to contend with Storm Surge too as those right on the coast. I’m willing to bet the correct response is, Hurricane, Tornado, Let me the F@ck outta here!!!


I grew up in the south Pacific and have been in hurricanes. I guess growing up with them and not tornados made the ‘unknown’ so much scarier. The only tornado I knew was the one on Wizard of Oz that sucked up Dorothy. LOL. A bunch swept through here a few years back and tons of people’s stuff was wrecked, people died, everyone was without power for 1-3 weeks (depending on how far out in the sticks you were). Like you said, neither of them are good! Both are destructive and dangerous and I’d like to be as far away as possible. :wink:


I never had a preference btw…they both suck donkey balls :wink:


Beautiful plates juicyd. Very creative.


Not really food related, unless you consider wine a food group!


So Im catering an event and Im just miserable when I just got an email from ecig saying I JUST WON THE SMOK CLOUD MACHINE KIT SWEEPSTAKES!!!


Wow, XCube II + TFV4! Congrats @DarthVapor :smiley:


Dude I can’t believe it!! I never win anything! I’m still in shock and believe it’s a joke hahaha! Thanks Lars!
Needless to say I’m not miserable anymore even though I’m outside cooking in the Florida Sun


sweeeet dude that’s great man!!! ™


Fingers crossed


I would think if it was bogus they would already put something in there automatically to claim my prize the fact that they say they’re going to contact me shortly makes me think otherwise


Some more dishes from the back catalogue


Looks amazing man!


Good stuff juicy! I think you may of been a tad modest brother :wink:


Hmm I always think I could do better.the steak dish is chargilled jerk rib eye,sweet potato Parmentier, asparagus,purple sprouting broccoli and scotch bonnet and tomato sauce.the tart was a Christmas dish is an eggnog tart,cinamon ice cream,shot mulled wine.the final on is braised pork cheek and cauliflower,in that dish I used the leaves cooked in the pork liquor and deep fried the stalk and purée love that one