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Ask the Chef(s)


Beautiful dishes. I haven’t eaten yet. I’m gonna beat the ole lady when she comes home with sandwiches. Lol


And Juicyd is left handed. Me to.


Left handed?


I thought by the way you arranged the plates that you were left handed.


The right hand ha ha


Na right handed my friend maybe I’ve turned the plates.I can try do a dish with my left hand but it would look a mess lol


You wouldn’t be a true artist if you loved your work, we always think we can do better




Did you just trademark the word “man”…bro? :wink:


I guess I did haha… it’s mine now!!!lol


@quitter1™…there! I trademarked your profile name…so, if you’ll please send me $50 a month for the exclusive rights to use quitter1, we won’t have to get the lawyers involved! You should be getting a cease and dissist letter in the mail any day now! ; )

@DarthVapor™…same for you! :kissing_heart:


Jimk™…already taken. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I haven’t read the entire thread yet.

But my wife does the daily cooking.

I love cooking though.

I have a set of Victorinox blades.
10", 6", parring, flexible filleting, serated, shintoku, Red meat and white along with a steel to sharpen.

Needless to say my wife uses the serated for everything. Lol.



I’m dying over here lolol


; )



What does this mean, or should I blush knowing?


A wink with a smile, but it doesn’t count as 10 characters in the reply, therefore /10char after my emoticon…gaming the system. Such a rebel!


; )

Does that count?

That’s what you should of done…duh!


Just wanted to show my knives off.

They arent MAC that’s for sure but they’re good enough for me.


I have a few of those, one being the chef’s which has lasted me a long time and has been through some shit and still holds an edge!