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Victorinox are great.I’m a whufstof man myself


My wife got me a crap ton of CutCo knives and assorted kitchen tools for my birthday a couple of years back; I’ve been in heaven ever since, when I’m enjoying my time as chef du jour.

Except this one time…


My kit is about 75% Global and I have a few Shuns too which are nice…but expensive


It’s a good thing you did that on your left hand…how else would you pick your nose!!


Well I never!

Only the civilized use their pinkies! Harrumph!


this is where the sympathy button WORKS?


Thought u might like this picture from today’s foraging.cepes ,chanterelle ,horn of plenty and hedgehog fungus .


Must have taken a lot of hedgehogs to get that much fungus! They’re such small little creatures! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s what I miss after moving to Fl…no more of our seasonal Morel hunts. Which is like looking for a pot of gold…


Ah man nice they have the best mushroom flavour .never found any .those chanterelle I found where all in one spot I found gold today.mushrooms on toast for breakfast


That’s awesome man! I LOVE morels and I miss our annual hunts…and so does my wallet!! They sell for $30/# or more and we used to make a KILLING at farmer’s markets!! One year we got 20# and that sure brought home the bacon :wink:
I’ve never found chantrelles though…lots of lobsters and woodears but no chants


Nice.ii mm off out again tomorrow hoping to hit the jackpot again


Nice! you’re making me jealous haha
I don’t know where ya live but I’m used to going hunting in the spring/fall-
You’re lucky getting all those in the middle of summer!! Eat some for me :slight_smile:


I m from England,is autumn here now


That explains it :wink:


Any of you guys work with Peruvian cuisine? I have a real posh event tomorrow in some guy’s 6 million dollar mansion and of course he still has to try and impress and wants all Peruvian items and other stuff he has never had lol
This is what I am making for passed Hors D’Oeuvres so far;

  • lomito saltado gran brujo
  • Ceviche Mixto Leche De Tigre with local Snapper, Mussels, Clams and shrimp
  • Pastel De Choclo
  • Purple Peruvian whipped Potato “shooters” with Pancetta, Roasted Garlic and Creme Fraiche

I need 2 more items that will be passing friendly and would LOVE suggestions!
Alas I am just some ol’ white boy from Chi-Town and I have no ties to Peru in my vains :wink:


Chute de Camarones and
Lomo Saltado


Seco de Cordero…Lamb Stew


BOOM! Thanks John! Unfortunately they have to be passed apps though and they dont want any soup/stew like stuff but those suggestions will help on my other event!
Cheers buddy!
BTW I haven’t forgotten about ya :wink:


Yeah, FL is NOT the South. Heck the Southern population is eclipsed by all the latin immigrants and snowbirds. But oh well…I don’t have to live there!

Gumbo is great. I prefer another similar dish which I’ve made many times. Crawfish Etoufee. Here’s the recipe I use. Oh this stuff is the bomb, especially if you add just the right amount of ceyenne powder and a moderate shaking of Tony Chachere’s

You also need a good source for the crawfish tails. I get mine here.