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Autumn Vapes!


In what way is it almost Autumn? It’s gonna be 90+ for checks calendar 3-4 more months. The first day of Autumn is like, Halloween. And then winter comes in January or February. Where the hell do you people live!? XD

Aparantly the official start of Autumn is 22. Sept. . . which is still ridiculously early to me.


See post #11. Developing and steeping takes time. Months of time.


If you come up with something that tastes like Pepsi Spice did, I’d be all over that! Pepsi has the Fire out now, and it’s interesting, but not quite the same. Just cinnamon without all the yummy other fall spices. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you did it! Gah! Come on, let me have my summer, blissfully unaware that it will end.


That one is yummy!


Try cap funnel cake for that fried taste.


I’m like that with my creams, blueberries and strawberries! Lol I’m gonna snatch that country apple, and probably the green apple also. I just got some flavors for the s’mores thread, but I’m feeling like I really want to finish my fritter! Back to BCF for me! Lol


Visit Arizona in July and you’ll be looking forward to autumn! Lol 110+ temps for weeks on end will fix that for ya! Lol @Rob62 will back me up on that!


You got that right :cactus::sunny:


I could definitely handle that. I spent 4 years in the Philippines (just north of the equator) loved it, loved the heat and most of all the absence of the fluffy cold crap, year round. (the whole reason I joined the Navy and left the mountains of Kentucky).
It can’t be any worse than standing in my greenhouse with the temp of 112°F and 98% humidity, not that it bothers me in the least.
Somewhere in my family tree someone went for some reptile lov’n, that’s the only reason I can come up with for my love of heat/summer.


Where in the Philippines were you stationed? My grandfather is from Luzon & my mother grew up in central Manila.


Stationed at Subic Bay, lived in the outskirts of Olongapo then moved to Baggio (all on Luzon) eventually visited my ex-wife’s grandparents on Palawain, but it was way more difficult to communicate there (I knew tagalog, enough to keep out of trouble, but they didn’t know Tagalog. Land of over 70 dialects!)
Now you got me wanting some Balute!!! Hmm, maybe if I send some to Bob, he could come up with a Balute vape…
Might not want to reveal what Balute is, some might not have the proper taste buds to handle it. :laughing:
I personally love it! Yes, I eat it all, but the “rubber” bottom.


@Bob_Bitchen you’ve been summoned! I’m not vaping it but @Flavologist volunteered.


I’ll vape it, but I want to know that he ate one for flavor comparison.
It has to be the duck version, though! I don’t really care for the chicken version.


How in the hell do you turn that into a vape? If someone actually makes this, send me a little?

Speaking of weird flavours tho – I would be in favour of a bamboo flavoured vape myself. Bamboo soup was the first thing I ever ate where my brain was like “This isn’t even food” but my mouth was like “But it’s good!” – cause yeah, it tastes so different from anything I’d ever had in America I couldn’t actually identify it as food for the first few times I ate it. Even bugs/insects taste like food from the outset, you just might not like them.

Also – Bamboo-chai would make a reasonably autumn-y vape.


Tastes like a thick, creamy, heavy chicken soup, but semi-solid. The chicken version doesn’t have the same flavor, at least too me. Great with some sea-salt or fried prawns.


No I know what the dish tastes like, I’d just never considered a meat-flavoured vape o.o I vape nothing but flowers and tea man XD


You’ll probably never seem’em on the shelves, but they are good. Hard to find some of the flavorings, but well worth the search.
They are a great alternative from the sweet, fruity and bakery types.


I doubt that very much since I’m always cold. The only time I’m starting to feel warm is when everybody is complaining about the ongoing heatwave.
That’s why I wasn’t surprised when I read in Dante’s Inferno that there’s a place in hell that is permanently frozen over.
Hot as Hell is no punishment for me :smiling_imp:
The temperature has only been around 60 F the last couple of days. It’s completely ridiculous, it’s July and I’m wearing a bloody coat :roll_eyes:


Oh very cool! If you’re in the North it’s Ilocano all day - you can definitely get away with Tagalog, but you’ll get the side eye LOL. Balute vape - NOOOOOOOOO. Nobody’s ready for that yet! Maybe a Bibingka or Leche Flan…oh yes, Leche Flan. OH! I’m working on a Ube Ice Cream Recipe! I need 2 more weeks for my tester of Sweet Potoato (Amoretti) to steep; then I’ll be good as gold.

Post #113 - The recipe so far