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Autumn Vapes!


I had to google it to be absofuckinglutly sure I’d remembered just what it was. Yepp my memory was spot on target.
No way HOSE A. Nada NOPE, Not in this world, Century, Planet or even on Omicron Persei 8
I do have limits and that exceeded them.
I don’t do Fear Factor Foods


It’s delicious…sometimes you get little baby duck feathers stuck in your teeth (O.O).
Lol - people like scrambled eggs…this is scrambled eggs 2.0


Let me know how it comes out. It’s been almost 20 years since I had some Ube!
I’m going to have to check in with my pinoy connections and see if they can get some in. She hooks me up with some hard to get ahold of items (like Balute!).
A pinoy dessert I would like to make into a vape is tibok - tibok.
The main issue would be a substitute milk for carabou milk. Comparing it with regular milk would be like comparing the meat. Not even remotely alike.


OMG. Yas! I haven’t had Tibok Tibok in sooo long. Some children don’t like the carabao milk and so my aunts would substitute with coconut milk instead - you can give that at try. Same texture, slightly different taste. Overall VERY tasty.

My Filipino source is my mother -10 minutes away. For you all you need is to join a Filipino - American club in your area or possibly a Catholic church - lol. You’ll get all the Filipino dishes your heart desires.


Well I guess I have found something that Bob_Bitchen won’t even try.
Fear factor stole it and made it into something most would never want to try.
My limits stop around the food trying to crawl off my plate. (Hong Kong, a dish called drunken shrimp. They were still alive. Nope, nope, nope.)


Here’s a nice fall recipe! I think I’ve vaped about half of the bottle so far this morning.


No Gagh for you then :no_mouth:


Not many around here. I live in Alabama. I have a couple of places that are pinoy owned, so they can get stuff I can’t.
Still have all my friends, who made it to the states, that I get together with as often as possible. They get a kick out of seeing me eat Balute and dinuguan (simply because so many people find out what it is or what it’s made with. I don’t care, both are masarap!!!)


Dinuguan is ang sarap!


You might enjoy this thread:



For @VapeyMama :laughing:


I noticed that both FLV pumpkin spice and pumpkin bread are more heavy on the spice notes than actual pumpkin. Hmmm…

So what is everyone’s favorite pumpkin flavor for something that needs more of a pumpkin filling like pie?


RFSC Pumpkin Pie tastes like pumpkin and nothing else to me. :grin:


I just got both of those flavorah flavors in the past week. I haven’t mixed with them so I guess I’ll see soon enough if I taste pumpkin. With their pumpkin spice, based on the smell test and a little taste, it seems just like real life pumpkin spice that would be in a Starbucks drink. For true pumpkiny flavor I’m still searching. Tpa pumpkin is RAW pumpkin. I haven’t had any success “cooking” it with amber or any other flavor combo. I’m gonna have to check out rfsc pumpkin pie. Thanks for the tip @Lolly!


My initial thoughts on the Flavorah Pumpkin Bread (SF at 3%) is that, like Pentine said, heavy on the spice and very heavy on the yeasty bread. There’s a little pumpkin pie kinda vibe going on but it’s way in the back. It also tastes like it has some BA. I’m disappointed. It’s only been two weeks though, so I’m gonna give it a little more time. And it’s highly possible I mixed it too high. We all know how Flavorah flavors can be all over the map. Hangsen pumpkin pie at 2% tastes like pretty much nothing so far.


Just checked my feeble notes. Looks like I pick up some slight ginger from it too, but no crust. No idea if pumpkin pie has actual ginger in it - that’s just my tastebuds :laughing:


I put ginger in my pumpkin pie!


Whoop! My tastebuds aren’t too bad after all :laughing:


Apples and peaches also come to mind when i think of fall desserts. Ive made dozens of Peach Cobbler recipes and rarely vape the same one twice because of all the different possibilities.

Im still just a bit sick, cold, so im going to have to wait just a couple days to mix it, it is definitely a WIP.

Next up will be some work with cranberries and grapes. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a spiced cranberry sauce with cherry and orange recipe that I’m going to mix as soon as I get the chance. And an idea for cranberry cake with butter sauce swimming around in my head. Definitely on board with some cranberry!