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Baby Brands (lesser known flavors)


Very good to hear. This is my first dealings with them, and to have a “watered down” flavor (possibly just old stock… Possibly wasn’t shaken properly before dispensing… But when all the bottles have an expiration date of 9/2018 on them…) isn’t really inspiring confidence at this point. All of the others appear to be issue free so far though.

I’m thankful I was “excited enough” to do a raw finger test, as normally I just slap them on the shelf, and wait until I get to a particular category to test. (creams, vanillas, etc)


Dammit… Im certainly going to need to try that. :slight_smile:

It was awhile back but some of us did some testing on the original EuroFlavors line, not available in Europe :confused: I know you know this already @Pentine, i figured id mention it for others as they are rarely mentioned or used.

A few of them were pretty bad, nougat was one and Virgin Colada smelled like straight up acetone, i didnt even bother putting it in VG. I dont think i was much of a fan of Tiramisu, Wild Berry or Praline. Some of the coffee flavorings were pretty good

With that said they have some pretty damn good flavors too. Sadly my flavor notes on the recipe side are gone, i didnt realize removing the flavor from ones stash removed the notes but some of the flavorings that i enjoyed were:

Two Apples Plus - There is no apple or tobacco in this but it is a very nice anise/licorice.
Milk Chocolate
Pipe Tobacco
Tobacco Vanilla

I got 15 or so flavorings and while i liked some of the others it just wasnt enough to buy them again as the competition for those particular flavors is tough. Vanilla Custard was one, i vaped the entire sample bottle and it was pretty decent but so many better choices.

The Pipe Tobacco is one of my favorites and a simple single flavor mix is in my mothers ADV rotation. Two Apples Plus i vaped in single, never even bothered mixing it in a recipe, well a touch of custard, :wink:

Several other people found some they liked too and i see they have added quite a few new ones. I wanted to try more but of course there is always a new company to explore…

Hangsen seems to be picking up steam again, they have some excellent creams and im pretty sure that i ran across a hot dog flavor somewhere… And of course their tobaccos… Ive been slowly adding them back to my wishlist.


LMAO hot dog flavor. That is for our friend @Bob_Bitchen, I am very sure he will make use of that. I did recently get Hansen Watermelon, I know they are known for their creams and tobaccos, but I am on a watermelon hunt, so no stone left unturned.

I have used EuroFlavors, they were pretty good. I got a sampler pack and enjoyed probably 3 or 4 of the 10 I got. Their Sour Green Apple is very good. Blue Raspberry too, of course.

One on One Flavors is pretty good too. Of the 10 or so I got, about half were definitely order again’ flavors. Very pleasantly surprised with their Grape Happy Rancher, it is a very unique grape flavor. Sometimes I tire of grapes, but this one is different.

Purilum of course is good as well; I like their watermelon and have their buttercream steeping. Even the flavors I didn’t end up using/ liking too much were still very tasty; I just had a stronger concentrate that tasted close to the same (Sweet Strawberry PUR).

I have seen both positive and negative things about wonder flavors, so I am going to have to just give them a try.

Natures Flavors is not as good as I imagined, but there are a few that are definitely finding their way into my collection. Still trying to figure out what the deal is with their watermelon; super sweet, no rind, but doesn’t exactly taste like watermelon, very odd… Their Orange Cream is very good though, I can say that.


Yes i saw thay have a complete burger flavour as well @Bob_Bitchen

@Ken_O_Where I managed to get 4x 20ml Italian cream from the UK postage to au was only £5.20 and it was super cheap. I also got the 100ml holy vanilla from chefs (I added 10 fa flavours I cant get here in Au and the total cost was less that getting 60ml + shipping from diyfs)


Sounds a bit Mmm Bop-y to me…

(assuming you meant Hangsen?)




New, Hansen flavors, coming soon to Bull City

“Please, have a seat…”


An Oldie but Goldie recipe that uses INW Limetka and other INW flavours at quite a high % but works very well if you like a sharp flavour imho


Whew! That must be zesty! I think INW Lime is powerful at 1.5%, that is a zippy recipe! Just got Lemon Mix in the mail today, lucky me.


There citric flavours are excellent and as a rule of thumb <2% is the norm but it works really well at the higher %'s for some reason with this recipe?

It was designed to use this grapefruit in it though

Not sure how their new Natural Grapefruit would work with it?


I was looking for their Regular Grapefruit but all BCF had was White Grapefruit, not a fan of it. Giving FW Ruby Red Grapefruit a try, I just got it in.


I wasnt a big fan of PUR, they had a couple that interested me in the early beta testing but a lot of the stuff i tested was attempts at recreating already established flavorings. There are a handful that i would purchase if they were available anywhere else.

OoO oft gets a bad rap but they have 5googol flavorings which is part of the problem, that website… Hehe. I havent bought any of there stuff in a long while, might be time to revisit them.

Did you get to try Watermelon (Amoretti)? If their potency was a bit/lot higher id have quite a few of their flavorings on my shelf.

80ml of Italian Cream should last you quite a long while, its pretty potent. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on HVan, glad you were able to get some.


I remember looking through the Amoretti site when there was a 17% discount code available but never ended up pulling the trigger. Very little information was available. Are you saying that they are too strong? Did you attempt a dillution? Which ones (Amoretti) have you tried? Thank you in advance…


I have only tried it with the original ingredients. Unfortunately Bialy Grapefruit is the white grapefruit, that you are not keen on. But one of the subs you have, may work if you decide to try it?


Nope, i made a boo boo. I will correct that. :slight_smile:

Speculoos Cookie
Natural Birthday Cake
Elderberry Sambuca Type
Sweet Potato
Red Licorice
Coffee Clear

And probably a few more that i will remember as soon as i hit “Save Edit”.

Their biggest flaws are price and potency. Of the flavors i listed Coffee is about the only one that i wouldnt purchase if they were available in MUCH smaller and less expensive sizes.


Ok. Here’s my update on the following:

I called (instead of emailed) today and spoke with Penny (thank you @mixologist13!) who said that everything is bottled to order, and went to check, said there was no separation evident, and no reason to think of to explain it being weak.

She said the boss was out at lunch, and asked if it would be OK to return my call, I of course said yes.
An hour and a half rolls by, and the phone rings.

Seems they dug further into the situation, and even contacted Inawera directly. At which point they replied/forwarded the info on to me stating that “the recommended usage for this flavor is 5%”.
She also stated that they’re going to have to update the website to reflect the change as well.

I mentioned being aware of the mass reformulations going on currently at Ina, and asked if by chance this was one of those flavors. To which she was uncertain.

If this change in usage becomes a habit (or frequent occurrence) at Inawera, they risk losing a LOT of sales unless they amend their price point. If I have to use 5%,it’s no longer the value that it was previously IMO.

They (VapersTek) did not offer to replace nor exchange the flavor for another, which is unfortunate. But Penny was friendly, polite, and professional. I’m guessing that due to the order having been placed during a 30% off sale could be affecting things as well.

But, even in light of the updated information (5%), and lack of having that info accurately displayed (website had outdated info), I can’t help but feel a bit let down. Partly by VapersTek, but even more so by Inawera.

A sad day.

PS: to anyone who tries to search products by name on their site (good luck) it was recommended to use the actual product number (if you have it).

Inawera Tasting Notes

Wow that’s disappointing. Sounds like it’s one of the reformulations if they’re certain that you got the correct flavor, because I guarantee 5% would be WAAAAY too much of the stuff I have ( which was purchased probably 9-10 months ago). :confused:


Inawera is one of the top brands because of how concentrated it is, I hope this isn’t a new thing for all flavors by them…




Has anyone here tried lime wedge flv? It might be what you are looking for as a replacement for inawera lime. It’s super strong. I’d suggest starting out at 1 drop per 10ml. It’s a very good authentic lime flavor. I personally never cared for FA lime Tahiti. I felt like that flavor gave me half of a headache!