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Baby Brands (lesser known flavors)


Me too! Yummy!!! Although to be fair I need to try the FLV Rum Raisin I just got in first :frowning:

I have been wanting to try a few of the OOO and German Flavors also. I’ve never bitten as they all seem to have to be ordered separately and involve extra shipping. And the Caramel Butter and 2 pies from Wonder Flavours.

Euroflavors Kiwi :nauseated_face: Just no, unless you like tropical perfume.

The Virgin Colada I’m still undecided on. It tastes like the Pina Colada Mixer that you buy already made in the bottle.So an artifical colada rather than a fresh, but I kinda like it too. Hmmmm, still undecided…lol


Have you tried both the Lime Wedge and the original Lime by FLV? I would imagine the lime wedge has more of an organic feel to it rather than just the juice.


I just pulled out both flavors to try and give you a comparison of both. The lime flavor reminds me of lemon lime cap or tfa. It has almost that 7up lime flavor to it. Lime wedge is more like I took an actual lime and cut it into pieces. It reminds me of waiting on tables 15 years ago and cutting up a lime to stick a wedge on a margarita glass that had salt put around the glass. I just mixed up a strawberry margarita juice yesterday with this flavor. I’m still playing around with it but I think it’s a great start. Hope that helps.


What does everyone think about Chef’s Flavors? I forgot about them…

EDIT: Just realized they are in the UK, are there any US suppliers?


OSDIY carries some of them. Not a lot.


@MysticRose thankyou! I was trying to remember who else stocked LA


Are German Flavors available in the UK anywhere?


Not that I’m aware of. Might be worth checking the shipping costs to order direct from them.


Two weeks later and they finally made it here. I find the packaging odd to say the least. Gonna mix up solo flavors here shortly.


Odd indeed…!


Would you mind sharing the mixing % for Purilum. Is it similar to CAP, FW, TPA?

My eyes lit up to the Strawberry Marshmallow Cereal & Cookie…


For most mixes I’ve been using Purilum anywhere from 1-6%. So yes, very similar to TPA, CAP, etc. The thing I’ve been so impressed with its how accurate some of these flavors are. They’re definitely good for beginners because they’re easy to work with since they’re not stupid strong (a little extra probably won’t kill a mix like stronger brands can do) and the price point is very reasonable.

Here’s a rough estimate of %s that I’d use in mixes for the ones I listed in that other post:

**2-4%**Cranberry orange ( bright tangy and tart cranberry sauce with orange notes)
1-5%-Strawberry marshmallow cereal ( think lucky charms cereal but with strawberry flavored crunchy marshmallows)
3-5%-Lemonade and strawberry lemonade ( these are just really nice smooth lemonades)
1-3%-Cookie (crispy crunchy homemade sugar cookie, works great for adding a crumbly layer to desserts)


What brand flavors are those?


Flavor Phoenix. I bought them directly from Flavor Phoenix but they are also sold diy vapor supply.


Good for beginners - Yes that is me! Thank you for sharing your % notes with me VapeyMama. Those will be on my list for my 4th of July Purchases!


So far i have only fw, tpa, cap, fa, inw and flv. I wish to try some other brands, but often it is very hard to find any published MSDS / DAAP reports about each of their flavours. I am not diketone allergic and i often use v1 versions, but i still believe publishing all those info is somehow needed for any serious company. I know LB has it greatly presented (and i like their vanilla ice cream btw), but what about:

  • Real Flavors
  • Jungle Flavors
  • Wonder Flavors
  • OoO
  • Molinberry
  • German Flavours


Here’s a little known company that has a few hard to find flavors (and where a few of the pricy DIYFS flavors are sourced from). Www.getsuckered.com
I have had a pretty extensive conversation with them about the use of their flavorings and their use in the vapor industry (needless to say, they won’t come right out and say “yes, you can use them for e-liquids, like we do for our own line!”)
They will e-mail the msds upon request. All flavorings are marketed as diaketone & diacetyl free (If you’re worried about having them in your flavorings, I would request an independent lab report. Anyone can say “-blank- free” and still have legal room if they are found to still contain it.)
They also have their flavorings divided by base, so stay away from the soybean oil, unless you’re baking with them.
compared to some of the prices I’ve paid at DIYFS, these guys blow them away (as expected, since they are the source.)
Give them a gander and if someone runs across the source for Holy Vanilla, please share, looking high and low for it.

Looking for DIY Flavor Shack Gems

Oh wow. Thank you for this. I have had my eye on the “HOLY VANILLA” for a while.


Try their French Vanilla. It’s really close to the Holy vanilla, might even be it, I just haven’t tried the stronger formulation, yet. (on its way).
They have some really wonderful flavors and they have some (that can be weak in flavor) that are reformulated (they’ll be right below the original) to be of a stronger flavor. Just take their starting percentages as a VERY rough guide. Some are spot on, but others are recommended WAY too high.
Hoping to give a report about their chocolate and brownie flavors in a month (just ordered one of each, hoping there’s no bandaids and socks in there!)

Looking for DIY Flavor Shack Gems

Awesome - so I don’t want the ones labeled “stronger” instead I should buy the one like this Vanilla French Flavoring (PG) 0.5 oz. Thanks for the tips about the %'s. Since they are the source of the DIYFS flavors - I could possibly utilize the flavoring % recommendations from DIYFS as a general starting point?