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Baby Brands (lesser known flavors)


I usually follow the percentages post on here, in the flavor stash, as a starting point. DIYFS percentages are pretty close.
As always, tastes are different. I like an angel food cake at semi-high percentages, but some say it gets an artificial taste at those percentages.
I would recommend trying some tester batches at the minimum, median and high percentages.
I use 4ml test tubes for this kind of testing, mainly because the tubes are cheap, reusable and I don’t waste a lot of my precious flavorings.


Thank you Flavologist. *Noted. I too tend to go towards the higher end with most flavor %'s give or take a few super concentrates. Currently I have 15ml amber testing bottles from Amazon now that I’m testing more flavors at longer steep times. I take big pulls on my RDA repeatedly; like I’m a blow fish so I would blow through a 4 ml tester in a minute LOL. I know…bad…BUT I MUST! I don’t have a sensitive palette like some mixers here - so it takes me a bit longer to really nail down what I’m tasting.


I am really diggin’ these Flavor Monks Flavors from Belgium…Some of the most unique flavors I have vaped…


I got a few getsuckered flavors in the mail today. I got flan, cannoli, white chocolate, angle food cake, Brownie, vanilla, and champagne. I bought all sc on the ones that were available. I think the vanilla sc is very close to diyfs. It’s not quite as sweet but the color and flavor are VERY close. The Brownie so far was a little disappointing. It reminds me a lot of tfa chocolates. Champagne has a weird after taste. I mixed them all up at 6% just to see how that works since there aren’t many noted about them.

I also got a few nic vape flavors today. I got champagne, white chocolate, pie crust, honey crisp cereal, and vanilla swirl. I mixed them up at 3%. The pie crust is seeming like it’s going to be good. It does remind me of euro flavors glazed donut though.


I’m hoping it will develop into a better tasting chocolate or cocoa. So far, I haven’t tried any of them, since most chocolate/cocoa flavors take a good 3-4 weeks of steeping to mature in flavor.
TFA chocolates are difficult in the best of circumstances. I usually just mix them at regular percentage, let steep for a month, then dilute to 10% and use as an accent note.
Since the “chocolate change” it’s been difficult to find a chocolate that isn’t going to taste like rubber/bandaids or a wet old sock.
Hopefully one of these will be a winner (main note) or a nice complimentary flavor (accent note).
The angel food cake is wonderful. If you like strawberries and coconut try my snowballed recipe (I would link it, but I’m not that tech savvy :laughing:


I know One on One has been mentioned a few times in this thread. I just got a email notification today stating that they are now offering One Shot Flavor Concentrates if anyone is interested. I see quite a few that I may try.


Here is a list of all the One Shot Flavor Concentrates we’re launching:

These Flavors are pre mixed flavors that are only designed to be used on their own and mixed with a base of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin (which we provide) and Nicotine (if desired).

One Shot Flavor Concentrates are created for 120ml Bottles of Finished Product. Pre-Filled in a 30ml Bottle, each One Shot Flavor Concentrate is Manufactured to it’s exact point to mix with your VG/PG and Nic. Instructions and/or Steps are on the label. If purchasing our Pre-Filled VG/PG bottle, just open the One Shot Flavor Concentrate and add it to the Pre-Filled VG/PG Bottle. We’ll indicate the percentage of VG/PG on the bottle and description page.

For a limited time only, we will be giving away a Free Bottle of VG/PG with every purchase of a One Shot Flavor Concentrate!

Thanks in advance for your order!

  • Green Apple Candy

  • Strawberry Jam

  • Peppermint Bark

  • French Toast

  • Glazed Donut

  • Gummy Worms

  • Watermelon Blow Pop

  • Blueberry Blow Pop

  • Tobacco Custard

  • Strawberry Custard

  • Blueberry Tobacco Custard

  • Bourbon Tobacco Custard

  • Guava

  • Maple Donut

  • Grape Pixie Stix

  • Assorted Pixie Stix

  • Cookies and Milk

  • O’s Cookies

  • Speckled Flakes Cereal

  • Fruity Hoops Cereal

  • Lemon Twist (Peach)

  • Lemon Twist (Watermelon)

  • Sweet Tea (Lemon)

  • Sweet Tea (Peach)

  • Honey and Milk

  • Vanilla Macchiato

  • Strawberry Kiwi

  • Chocolate Mousse

  • Apple Custard with Cinnamon

  • Strawberry Pineapple Mango

  • Blue Raspberry Candy

  • Pink Lemonade


I really like real flavors chocolate and real flavors brownie. I also used to really like capella Brownie version 1 when it was available. I was never a fan of inawera milk chocolate. MF chocolate light and dark are really good. I also like milk chocolate flv. It seems like whatever chocolate I mix with they all benefit from some cream, butter, and jamaican rum. I have a spot on Andes flavor that has 15 or so flavors in it. Like 5 different chocolate flavors. Oh yea Australian chocolate hangsen is good too. Sorry I’m all over the place! I’m writing this on my phone before coffee!


Decadent Vapors, anyone?


Here’s something I found that has some information on these flavors and bunch of others.


You just have to select manufacturer. I did that for solubearome and it was pretty helpful.


Whats the word on that french vanilla pg, is it holy vanilla? I tried their cannoli and acai but didnt care too much for them. Interested in how that vanilla worked out for you though, maybe i just picked the wrong flavors from them


The vanilla wasn’t as close as I thought it should be. It’s a decent vanilla, but lacks those creamy butter tones that you get with holy vanilla.
The best vanilla, in my opinion, other than holy vanilla is the shisha vanilla. It’s a bit on the richer side, but fits well with recipes I have used holy vanilla in.
My quest will continue until I find that missing ingredient that makes us go wild for holy vanilla. Recently I’ve been toying with some flavor components and have come close.
As soon as I break the components down, I’ll definitely be releasing them to everyone on ELR.