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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hi people :slight_smile:
I’m from Denmark and I’ve been vaping for a little over a year. I’m happy to join you here and excited to be a part of this community :slight_smile:


FEMALE!..YES!..see…how hard is that…why doesn’t everyone do that?..

I might actually get it right once in a while :disappointed:

welcome to the forum dear…dudette…lady…woman…boom…nailed it :relaxed:


Haha aren’t there many females here? :smiley:


Welcome PurpleClouds!


There’s plenty of females but he calls half of us dude. :laughing: Welcome new folks!


WOW! I miss this thread for 2 weeks and it gets 200 new posts!

I’d love to say welcome to everyone, but holy cow there’s a lot of you!! So I’ll just say welcome everyone! :smiley:


No worries, I’m a chill dudette .:sunglasses:


Yes Mama I did get in on that sale. It’s a sweet deal :heart:

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oh yeah, half are, I just get it wrong …loads…much to the entertainment of my family here on ELR :disappointed:



But we still love you, pugsy. :wink:


Ya @Pugs1970 - she is adorable isnt she


The question is which “SHE” we are talking about here, @VapeyMama or @Pugs1970?


Ooh ooh pick me! :laughing:


I would enjoy your looks over his any day :laughing:


Both - but as cute and adorable as Pugs is I could not ever choose him over you :grinning:


Careful… You might hurt pugsy’s feelings!


That photo of pugs has been photoshopped an excelent source gave me an actual photo.


Well you bunch o bastards.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I am in fact very well aware what an utterly gorgeous specimen of a man I am…I’d be deeply offended

Also …being emotionally inept helps…

Fuckyouverymuch :fu: :kissing_heart:


Hi, im an older man from California but having been living in Malaysia for the past 17 years. Im a long time smoker and want to use vaping to quit–and hopefully vaping too!

I started vaping two years ago but cough so much on 90VG/10PG mixes that Im unable to vape continuously and still smoke. I came to the site for the calculator and thought I would poke around and see both whats going on and if there is any help about how I can vape to quit smoking. Is there? How does one actually quit? I dont know how to make this work for me and im very depressed.

Vaping is alive in Malaysia but the government is working hard to kill it. Half the industry has gone underground, supplies are hard to come by. Im going back to California during April and want to pick up supplies for DIY when I get back to Malaysia.

Instead of saying “welcome” id appreciate being pointed to senior people who can actually help me get a handle on this and QUIT SMOKING. My setup is e-Go V V’s and 510 cartomizers–all from 2 years ago. I havent kept up with the latest hardware that might be more effective in using vaping to quit but I could work on recommendations during my coming trip to US to get supplies. Im grateful for all help. Thanks and hello.


HI my name is Skullblade789.


Yes, I have a problem. I do not have enough flavors, VG, bottles, or NIC!!!