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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


I think your gonna fit right in then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Distinct lack of ‘fun police’ around these parts 🖒😉


So, I jumped right in and started mixed no up some of recipes on the site and quickly realized that I needed more flavors. Ordered more, and guess what? I need more! I think I may have a small addiction to mixing. Hope everyone is well. Sorry I’m not on here much, I’m a stay at home mom, and I homeschool my 12 year old autistic son. Just wanted everyone to know that I’m not being rude on purpose. You can catch me on facebook under Sawyer White, I’m a member of the elr facebook group too!


Welcome! It always seems that no matter how many flavors you have, you still need more. Down the rabbit hole we go.


I don’t think I will ever have enough!


Nice to meet you! Happy mixing!


Nice meeting you too and dont worry i share your addiction
I start with the intention on getting more bottles and topping up my stapels and next thing i know my cart is full of everything that i “just wana try” lol


Hey! I’m a stay at home homeschool mom too! Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new addiction. It’s super fun! :wink: And just a heads up right now, you will NEVER have all of the flavors you need. Lol


Welcome to AFA (Addictive Flavors Anonymous)
I’m sure that we can help you leveling out on a reasonable level when it comes to this addiction that we all have.
In our group talks we all have admitted to our addiction, some more than others. :laughing:


I thought I’d found a 12 step program for my addiction but it turned out to be a 12 flavor bundle offer instead. :slight_smile:


That’s exactly it! I find a couple of recipes that sound good, go to order what I don’t have to make them and then I see yummy flavors I just have to have in addition to what I need. The funny thing is, I’m still spending less than I did at the vape shop.


Thanks for the welcome but do we really have to level out? Just one more order, I promise! Lol


It’s awesome to meet another stay at home, homeschool mama! Sometimes I feel like an island.


I feel ya!


This is the doorway to Real Flavors from the resource page and it gets you 10% off.
RF is running a FREE 2 bottle special of your choice just pay shipping. ($4.11) for me.
Code can be used up to 3 times SAMPLESC is the code. 6 bottles for $12.33 shipping.
Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors Entry 1955
this is the thread with the offer.
http:/www.OOOflavors.com also on the Resource page is 25% off all day every day and low cost shipping.
On their DIY page get a free sample with your next order.
Sample packs on sale making them about a Dollar per bottle. Wish I’d found this sort of stuff sooner.
eliquidrecipes-25 is the discount code.


Hello all… I figured I better be polite and introduce myself because I read that lurking here is just weird. But that’s ok cuz normal is boring anyway. xD I’ve spent a good bit of time here last night, reading and figuring out how to start up this DIY addictive lifestyle. Have already bought 6 bottles of RF flavors for starters. So it begins… :cold_sweat:


Welcome modfogger!


Welcome! Did you get in on the RF SC sale?


welcome aboard the fun bus dude :wink:


Dude or dudette? Did you even ask? Geez… :grin:


I’ve done it again haven’t I…:unamused: